June 12th, 2019: Rescue Successful?

Crew Members: Zevvy

Trying to survive…

Robinson Crusoe

So I tried the 3rd scenario, Rescue Jenny, with the Cook. Must have had the worst possible luck because I explored every possible tile without the rope, and only two totems, so not enough time to rescue Jenny. Next attempt, again as Cook, I took so many wounds from the storm early on that it was once again hopeless. This time, seeing that I also need 4 fur to build the lifeboat at the end, I tried the soldier. His hunting abilities definitely came in handy when I came across a bear.


And I made sure to explore early to find terrain for the rope. But by the end, building had become time consuming and dangerous. With one turn left to build the lifeboat, it took all my character’s effort and Friday’s help, and still needed to roll the die. Which came out as a failure…


…but it turns out I missed the rule that only one of each token type can be on a spot though! So we did succeed in the end!

Definitely fun to come back to some of these, though looking ahead some of these missions seem impossible solo mode, just in terms of number of actions needed to be taken to complete objective. Maybe I will take two characters and try it that way.


June 3rd, 2019: Five Crosses

Crew Members: Zevvy

After failing at the second scenario quickly enough not to warrant a write-up, I tried again, this time with a random Wreckage card.

Robinson Crusoe

I chose the Carpenter on purpose, to make things easier. Early on when I had determination tokens I used them to guarantee building success and save wood. I found a cave of furs, and built up roof level two before winter. Early fog caused me not to collect for two rounds until I could move camp, and had to explore a lot before I could make Rope and the Sacred Bell to clear the fog. But the starting Wreckage gave me Hammer & Nails, and I stared with Tobacco and Biscuits, so I didn’t go hungry except once. Once I had the basket, I could build a cross easily each round while still having enough wood to heat the camp. Yet once I ran out of Builder helpers, I failed every build which I tried individually, contracting Gangrene and Broken Ankle. Fortunately I started building the crosses early enough, and in the last round, though I only had 1 wood from Production, the Carpenter ability let me finish the final cross, with a few health let and Friday still alive too. My other treasures were boxes, barrel and the mysterious portrait.


When I played earlier, I missed the solo rule that increases morale each round. Makes the game a lot more manageable. Will have to try this scenario again with a different character.

June 1st, 2019: High Five

Crew Members: Zevvy

Had about an hour, finally did a game of Five Tribes with the solo rules.

Five Tribes

Largest market set I got was 8, Yazid took two cloth early and no more showed up. I did get the Djinn that doubles builder action and near the end game scored 50 points (5*5*2). I only paid to go before Yazid twice, and he only got one black six (double move). I also had triple points for Viziers. In the end I scored 234, pretty high up on the tier (over 251 is the highest tier on the solo sheet). Putting single meeples on Yazid’s claimed tiles slows him down later game when the columns empty and you can choose a tile he already has with only a single meeple.

This might be less fun with too many players, as you can’t plan ahead as well. Unless you pay big to go first.

May 21st, 2019: Not ‘Lag’ Ba’Omer

Crew Members: Kevin, Shlomo, Zevvy, Daniel, Yehuda, Betsalel

I brought games which can accommodate larger play groups, and fortunately we had a good turnout today.


We played two games. In both games Shlomo got a spot with 4 out of 5 correct, but my clue didn’t fit. In the first game this allowed me to guess correctly when my turn came around. In the second game, Yehuda took some time and correctly guessed the location, despite some misdirection by Daniel. We have still yet to play with the more difficult cards.


7 Wonders

After a teaching round, we played a full game. Kevin, Betsalel and I didn’t focus much on Military, while Shlomo and Daniel invested heavily. Yehuda completed his wonder in the first round, making good use of its abilities. Yehuda and I were both 1 card short of completing two sets of science. Betsalel used his wonder to complete a science set, and had a lot of blue cards too. Kevin also had a lot of Blue cards, and several points form a single military card, which gave him the final edge for the win. Daniel had a ton of coins, and Shlomo completed the Pyramids.


Was good to have a large group today with games that don’t lag. Despite the time spent teaching new games, we managed to get in a full experience.

May 17th, 2019: By the skin of your teeth!

Crew Members: Zevvy

Got a second hand copy of Robinson Crusoe, tried the first scenario last night solo. Failed miserably once hard weather set in. Today I tried again and succeeded, just barely.

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island

I did the same setup as last night, this time knowing that not being prepared for bad weather can cause you to lose a ton of HP in one turn. Knowing this I made sure to use the Storm Glass starting in the 6th round. This allowed me to gather what I needed and make sure I had enough roof.


An event damaged my Palisade but allowed me to build a roof instead. I used Explorer ability to find the mountains and river early on so I could get the shortcut. Combined with the Hatchet my wood production was good. Despite some bad events making gathering difficult, the Raft helped me gather safely. I was lucky enough to hunt goats, only taking two damage to get some fur for the Mast. The Bible was my other starting item, giving me determination boost in the beginning and keeping up my health. I used most of my other determination tokens to keep morale high. In the end I needed every HP I had. The final weather roll was lucky–I had no leftover wood, but Roof four, and rolled four clouds. In round eleven I collected my usual 3 wood and used it to finish the pile.


Can’t wait to try the other scenarios, and even the same one with different characters and events. I really see how even as a co-op, the unpredictability of events mean no one knows the best move, and we just have to do the best we can and enjoy the story as it unfolds.


May 14th, 2019: Yo, ho, ho and a Bottle of Cactus Juice

Crew Members: Yehuda, Zevvy, Daniel, Shlomo

You have died of dysentery.

Oregon Trail: The Card Game

We got halfway through with no one dying but lost a good deal of supplies at one river before Shlomo died. I immediately died afterwards by snake bite. Daniel died of Cholera and Yehuda also died of snakebite not far from the end. Definitely feels like playing the original Oregon trail, though you can’t accidentally shoot your friends in a hunting accident.

Dead Man’s Doubloon’s

Almost every attack early on resulted in killing crew, limiting the amount of action cards in play. Daniel got a lot of explore actions and Orb of Protection, and began climbing the red slope. I managed to follow a little bit, but when the treasure was dug up Daniel got 3 Jewels and I got 1. I was destroyed twice but both times came back pretty quickly. We missed a lot of little rules and the rule book is very unclear. The Captain Cards didn’t do much either, no one managed to steal a Gem, though Shlomo came close. He went from having the most doubloons to having none pretty quickly. Yehuda and I were pretty close in second, but Daniel was ahead by at least a few points, though he never got reputation for destroying a ship. Game offers a lot of additional modules and methods to try out if we play again.



We played one learning round without drawing and then one round with drawing. Mostly cycled along ‘most colors’ until the end when I played ‘most of one number’ winning with 3 fours for what would be 12 points if we played a full game.

What’s more difficult, winning Oregon Trail or getting a board game night together?

May 11th, 2019: Concept

Crew Members: Zevvy, Odel

Towards the end of Shabbat we needed something fun before returning to the normal schedule.


Today’s words were Volcano (a cone shaped natural object with red-hot liquid rocks), Robinson Crusoe (an adventurer who had to improvise objects to survive), David and Goliath (biblical figures who fought, one tall, one short), and Cucumber (a cylindrical green vegetable).

The mention of Robinson Crusoe reminded me of David W., who said that game hold his best co-op experiences. I found a second hand copy on Hamamlacha–it must be a sign.