July 28th, 2016: Innovation

Crew Members: David M., Zevvy

I went over to David’s in the afternoon for a couple games of innovation.


In the first game, I started with both Clothing and Metalworking, giving me an early score lead. I soon switched to Sailing and though David was ahead in Tech thanks to Tools, once I got Gunpowder he was unable to keep up in resources or catch up in points before I got the first six achievements.

In the second game David got Metalworking, but it helped me almost as much as it helped him. He did get the first achievement before I did, but I grabbed the second one. However, David had all the colors and I did not, so he claimed an early Empire and managed to get the third achievement before me. Though I Teched ahead using Alchemy and Education, once David emptied my hand with Construction, I was pretty helpless for the rest of the game. I got out great tech and tons of resources, but had no cards to Score and no way to slow David down once he got Democracy which gave him at least 8 points a turn.He bought the rest of the achievements he needed and ended the game.

Although the winning player in every game I have played so far had Metalworking, I don’t think it is a deciding factor, and may be different in games with more than two players.


July 26th, 2016: Burn!

Crew Members: David T., Zevvy, Nuri

We met at the old Ulpan dorms, where David had quite a spread of food for us. This was accompanied by games which had pictures of food on them…so Meta…

Sushi Go

Zevvy – 50, Nuri – 40, David – 39

The first round was full of Sashimi, and two players each got at least 3 for 10 points. There was no pudding, but I may have dealt one fewer card than I should have and scored my final card from the deck, which was pudding. Though after round 3, David had the most pudding anyway. No one got any huge dumpling piles, and there was a lot of Maki, so even with only 3 players the competition for points was tough.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Zevvy – Parse, Nuri – Ra, David – America’s Greatest Legacy

Villain: Akash’Bhuta – DEFEATED

Environment: Celestial Tribunal

Nuri wanted to be a damage dealer this round, but we didn’t realize just how explosive Ra would be when supported by Parse and old man Legacy. I got two Critical Multipliers earlier, and Recompiled to boost Ra’s damage, while Legacy encouraged Ra to heal and continue to strike. Akash played cards to destroy equipment, but we were relying on our Ongoing powers and were unaffected. The Tribunal put Legacy and Akash on trial, and the executioners both helped and harmed us. By the time Akash finally had a Primeval Eruption of Limbs, we were set up to take them out pretty swiftly. Team Leader Tachyon was sent to the tribunal as a representative of Earth, but also served to distract the Ensnaring Brambles while giving us extra cards. With our full compliment of Ongoings, it still took some time to whittle down Akash’Bhuta’s massive health pool while keeping Tachyon alive, but no one said fighting mother nature in space using fire was supposed to be easy.

We also discussed the idea of playing some RPG stuff from time to time, starting with D&D and moving on to Shadowrun. Hopefully we can align our schedules enough to meet at least every other week, but we’ll see what happens.

July 19th, 2016: Dead of Summer

Crew Members: David M., Liz, Zevvy, Ruby, Tom, David T., Roman

It was Liz’s birthday, we had cookies, and a full house for gaming–what could be better than that?


Liz – 18, Zevvy – 15, Tom – 14, David T. – 10

I had played the app before, but the real game has very nice pieces (real people are nice too). We all stocked up on gems at first, and many of the Level One cards (mines?) were relatively expensive. I stashed away an Onyx mine which I never played, though it turns out it would’ve won me the game. David got three Diamond Mines pretty quick and had some good cards stocked away, but as the game went on didn’t have enough variety to pick up free Level Ones as quickly. Tom and I raced for one of the Nobles which he got before me, while Liz focused on Rubies and Onyx. I got a lot of 2 point cards early, but was too spread out when most of the Nobles required sets of 4. I got to 15 first but Liz beat me to the Ruby / Onyx noble while playing a 5 point card, boosting her to 18 points and victory.



David M.,  Ruby

Ruby had played and David had just learned the rules, so they played 1v1 while we played Splendor. I think Ruby won.


Zevvy, Ruby, Liz

Ruby taught us how to play, and Liz went first. I got a few early points with Metal Working and picked up the 1 Achievement. There was some back and forth with Road Building and Paper, but Philosophy got me the points needed for second Achievement, and my Calendar kept me in good supply of Lvl 3 cards. Perspective got me the most points though, and it wasn’t long before I got the 3 and 4 and 5 as well, ending the game.

Zevvy, Ruby

This round was quite different. Ruby got Metal Working, though we both kept matching each other Castle for Castle. While Ruby got an early lead in points, I was able to splay all my cards and picked up two of the Special Achievements while having loads of resources. I just wasn’t getting points fast enough and Ruby kept grabbing the regular Achievements before I could. Using Alchemy, Ruby kind of slowed down my engine but also had to discard himself. As the better technologies appeared, I still did not have many ways of getting points, and Ruby just needed the 6 to win. I was able to slow him down a bit, but was 1 point short from grabbing it before him and he ended the game.

Dead of Winter

Tom, Roman, David T., David M.

They played the Cure scenario, and tensions were high trying to discover the traitor, since everything seemed to be going fairly well. A lot of questions came up, and morale was down, but it didn’t take more than a few rounds to get the medicine needed to find a cure. As it turns out, there was no traitor after all…

It’s been a while since we had enough people to split into different groups for games. We’ll see what the rest of summer brings 🙂


July 5th, 2016: Vengeance

Crew Members: Zevvy, David T.

David, a new Oleh, saved the day by coming over for some much needed board gaming. He is an even bigger fan of Sentinels than I am, and has the Villains expansion, which we took a crack at.


David – 39, Zevvy – 31

I quickly taught Dominion to David though he thinks he played it long ago. We used random cards from the Base, Prosperity and Cornucopia. I got an early lead with the Bishop, while David went on the offensive with Militia. Once we were able to afford Council Rooms though, David had more cards producing treasure in his deck and was able to pull off a double Province buy (or two, iirc). Though I had a full Province lead of points from Bishop, David ended the game before I could catch up.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Zevvy – The Naturalist (variant) / Nightmist, David – Sky-Scraper / The Sentinels (variant)

Villains: Citizens Hammer & Anvil, Miss Information, The Operative, Sergeant Steel – DEFEATED

Environment: Madame Mittermeier’s Fantastical Festival of Conundrums & Curiosities


As the villains got into position, The Naturalist marked Sergeant Steel with The Predator’s Eye for a quick take-down. The Operative focused on The Idealist, but Dr. Medico kept her alive as we whittled down Miss Information, who seemed more interested in confusing us than trying to kill us. The environment provided little entertainment, as no Attractions came into play. Sky-Scraper’s Thorathian Monolith soaked most of the damage, and Nightmist got out her Amulet and Necklace, staying healthy and causing the Villains to hit one another. The Naturalist played another Predator’s Eye which made it easy to finish off the Operative, and Sky-Scraper’s Compulsion Canisters caused chaos between the two Citizens. Though they protected one another quite well, once Anvil was down, finally the Hammer fell (|\/|).

Before I left I considered buying Villains of the Multiverse, but it wouldve pushed the limits of my suitcases…I didn’t think anyone else was crazy enough to schlepp this game on an Aliyah flight, let alone show up at my house, but David answered the call.