July 28th, 2016: Innovation

Crew Members: David M., Zevvy

I went over to David’s in the afternoon for a couple games of innovation.


In the first game, I started with both Clothing and Metalworking, giving me an early score lead. I soon switched to Sailing and though David was ahead in Tech thanks to Tools, once I got Gunpowder he was unable to keep up in resources or catch up in points before I got the first six achievements.

In the second game David got Metalworking, but it helped me almost as much as it helped him. He did get the first achievement before I did, but I grabbed the second one. However, David had all the colors and I did not, so he claimed an early Empire and managed to get the third achievement before me. Though I Teched ahead using Alchemy and Education, once David emptied my hand with Construction, I was pretty helpless for the rest of the game. I got out great tech and tons of resources, but had no cards to Score and no way to slow David down once he got Democracy which gave him at least 8 points a turn.He bought the rest of the achievements he needed and ended the game.

Although the winning player in every game I have played so far had Metalworking, I don’t think it is a deciding factor, and may be different in games with more than two players.


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