August 30th, 2016: Works and Wonders

Crew Members: Zevvy, Ruby, David M.


Ruby – 44, Zevvy – 23

Another Carl Chudyk game, this time as monks with a little gallery and gift shop. Cards are used as actions to sell goods and produce works, granting special abilities. Though very few goods were sold, Ruby’s works allowed him to score backorders on almost all the materials, so though I beat him in Clay he won in everything else, and had 10 works while I only had a few.

Zevvy – 29, David – 20, Ruby – 13

The next game, David got a ton of metal and used Shuriken to steal from Ruby, nearly ending the game with the Tortoise (win if you have a work of each type). Instead he just drew out the deck and I had actually managed to sell and have back orders for Stone and Cloth, plus a decent number of works as well.

7 Wonders

Game 1: David M. – 55, Ruby – 48, Zevvy – 43

Game 2: Ruby – 53, Zevvy – 48, David – 44

As Babylon I was tempted to go for Science, but with three players its too easy to bury the science cards or not be able to build them. David had built most of the blue cards and did pretty well in Military, plus his wonder gave him a lot of points. The next game I was Ephesos and had more money than I needed, with cheap trade rates. Though I built a lot of blue cards and did okay in Military, even against Ruby’s Rhodos, I didn’t get too many Guilds, and ended up converting an Age II card to coins.The scores were similar to last game.


August 23rd, 2016: It’s a trap!

Crew Members: David T., Zevvy, David M.

I made back to Haifa in time for a quiet evening. So to speak.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Not a board game, but we played this for a bit while waiting for others to show up. Only blew up once, but we didn’t get to “Needy Modules”.

Android: Netrunner

David played as the Jinteki corporation trying to stop me from Hacking all his Assets. I hit a trap early on, but managed to hack a couple assets from R&D before David had put up too many defenses. Unfortunately, I had no Sentry hacking programs and did not pick them the entire game. I did manage to hack David’s hand but on a 50-50 shot drew a trap instead of the last Asset I needed. On the last turn, David did put an Asset unguarded but I was impatient and was one card short of surviving a prior Run.

7 Wonders

David T. – 52, David M. – 44, Zevvy – 44

The Davids both completed their wonder, and while David M. got 31 points for science, Military won the day here, as well as a lot of blue cards. I had a variety of points in every category and at least tied for second.

Having played 7 Wonders the night before with 5 players, the strategy is a bit a different.

August 16th, 2016: Around the World in 3 Games

Crew Members: David M., Liz, Zevvy, David W.

It had been a while since we saw David W. and it was nice to be at David and Liz’s place so Liz could join us as well.


Liz- 81, David M. – 78, Zevvy – 72

Martin left this game here, we played the basic version–you have one card and have to match as many shapes and colors on the edges as you can. Sounds simple, but it’s like Set on steroids. Liz managed to take an early lead and though David was close behind, Liz kept her lead until the end. I wasn’t far behind either, but every point counts in this game.

Sushi Go

Liz – 41, David – 40, Zevvy – 37

Our first game, I got a lot of Dumplings early one but David and Liz got all the puddings. Liz was uncontested for Maki a couple times, and got come good Wasabi and Sashimi combos. David managed to tie her for puddings, and after point adjustment I was knocked down, and Liz came out on top.

Zevvy – 53, Liz – 42, David – 38

The second game, Liz and I took pudding in the first round and there was no more after that, leaving David with none. Though he had the most points the first round, I got over 20 points in the last round and while Liz had the most pudding, I had too much of a lead on her, since in one round all her points were from Maki.

Isle of Skye

Zevvy – 1st, Liz – 2nd, David W. – 3rd, David M. 4th

The scoring rules were Most Money, 1 point per sheep, 3 points per enclosed area of at least 3 tiles, and most Whisky. Since eveyone else was competing for Whisky since it combos well with most money, I focused on enclosed areas, which could in theory be worth more than sometimes winning the most money or Whisky. While David W. was ahead towards the end, he was denied a lot of tiles and the final scoring plus parchment bonuses pushed me into the lead with Liz in a close second. David M. had a lot of money and usually good things to sell, but was usually behind in Whisky and tiles to use to enclose areas as well.


David M. and I played a 2 player game of Innovation before the meeting, where my Alchemy gave David a huge lead and backfired on me, though he was ahead anyway and won 5 achievements to 1. Our next game with David W. was more drawn out and we even made it to Age 10.

There was little scoring in the early game, while David W. got a huge lead in technology. Road Building was passed back and forth but once I got some level 4 scoring cards I picked up the first few achievements. David M. scored some high level cards and picked up some more achievements, while David W. got the World Achievement and continued to tech up. When I was one achievement away form winning, we all started nerfing each other’s score piles, and I decided to try for the Empire achievement of having 3 of each resource. I began Splaying Up, but David’s Quantum Theory was giving him level 10 tech already. Finally, he played Software, forcing me to play A.I. and Robotics, and activate A.I. which ends the game and makes the player with the least points win.Fortunately, these cards also filled out the resources I need, and technically I got the achievement immediately, securing victory before the hostile robot takeover.

It was nice to play a variety of games that tell stories in their own way. It was a very nice evening for everyone.



August 9th, 2016: Violence is the Answer

Crew Members: David T., Zevvy, Ruby, Juliana, David M.

And they say video games are violent…

Cash and Guns

We played the first game without powers, and Ruby and David M. managed to kill each other. I had a decent number of paintings but David T.and Juliana split the diamonds, though I came out on top with the most cash in the end

The second round we had powers, and though all four guns pointed at me the first round, I stayed in and no one actually shot me. Juliana was the Kid and chose her targets last, while David T. was Cunning and changed his bullets. While this put the rest of us in danger, Ruby was able to take 5 hits and if two people shot David he would dodge both bullets. I was just annoying as the Dictator, usually preventing David T. from taking a painting or medicine or something he needed. In a critical treasure split, David M. and Juliana were the only survivors, and David got a pile of diamonds which I think won him the game.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Zevvy – Scholar of the Infinite, David M. – Dark Visionary, David T. – Team Leader Tachyon, Ruby – K.N.Y.F.E

Villain: Kaargra Warfang – DEFEATED

Environment: Temple of Zhu Long

The Bloodsworn Colosseum appeared at the Temple, and our heroes were forced to fight or die. The first few gladiators gave us some trouble, picking on the Visionary while we got set up. But the Turmoil Visionary caused prevented Kaargra from doing her worst while I got some Flesh to Iron. Knyfe impressed the crowd with her flashy displays of Energy and Tachyon began nerfing the enemies with Hypersonic Assault,while keeping our hands flush. The Ressurection Ritual taking place threatened to bring back all our slain foes, but the True Form of Zhu Long was not to be revealed. After earning a few titles in the ring, our heroes had the crowds favor,and despite the Fickle Fans, we kept the enemies at bay long enough to takeout Kaargra before her gladiators swayed the crowd to their side.

Whether as teammates or enemies, violence is the answer. At least at board game night.

August 2nd, 2016: Just Desserts

Crew Members: Nuri, David T., Zevvy, Juliana, David M., Phil, David H., (Finbarr)

We had quite a full house tonight, and Nuri graciously fed us Napoleon cake, Waffle cookies, and Hobgoblin. But like Hansel and Gretel, we would soon learn the truth about The Black Witch (Nuri’s beer), and not everyone would survive….


We played concept while waiting for people to show up. For some reason we had a hard time guessing Juliana’s word “Karaoke”, but David T. saved the day. He also guessed my “Crossword Puzzle” and Nuri’s red, religious drink–Wine, of course…

Betrayal at the House on the Hill

Since we had a lot of players we went with Betrayal, and pretty soon we were exploring this creepy house. David H. lost his batteries and while looking for some help got taken to the basement with Nuri and her dog companion, where they met up with Phil. The Haunt was delayed quite a bit, but shortly after I swapped out with David M. the Haunt began. Nuri was the betrayer, and had voodoo dolls of each of us. We had to find the dolls before Nuri killed too many of us. After giving each player a clue, she also revealed that all the necessary rooms had been discovered, but it was still a race against time (and Nuri’s psychotic desire to now kill all her former friends). When all but one doll had been found, David H. gave dynamite to Juliana who tossed it into the room with Nuri and David M., but while it finished of David, Nuri was still breathing. The game ended at that point with half the players dead, though technically Nuri had to kill more than half, it as quite a long and spooky game.

Sushi Go

Game 1: David H. – 34, Zevvy – 26, Nuri – 25., Phil – 24, David M. – 19

New players picked this up pretty quick, and David H. had a breakaway with Dumplings, while Nuri and I fought over Sashimi and both lost out. David H. also managed to get one pudding, saving him from -6 points at the end and winning with a good lead.

Game 2: Nuri – 39, David M. – 35, Phil – 34, David H. -25, Zevvy -24

Most of the pudding got used up early, and I gave David M. the last pudding, but Nuri still won, having gotten Sashimi and the Squid Wasabi combo, as well as some Dumplings. In the last round David h. and I had a Maki war which he won, and though he was stuck with the least pudding  he still had more points that I did.

David T. spent most of the night helping us make characters–as of now we will have a Wizard, Druid and Warlock–a spell heavy group.