October 31st, 2016: What’s a point?

Crew Members: David M., Zevvy

David and I played a drawn out game of innovation the other day when I went to pick up the hot plate. Every time this game is different…


I had to write this up briefly because it was probably the lowest scoring game of innovation I have seen. Using Tools and the Wheel I got to level 3 tech quickly, which David stole, and together we pretty much skipped level 2 tech completely. I got the first 2 achievements, but that was it for a while, and eventually we began splaying our cards and just building up huge amounts of resources but no points. When one of us did get a few points, the other would remove them somehow or another. I figured the endgame would be David winning with Empiricism, which did happen, though he also got the World achievement using coins. I think he also got the 3 achievement, but no one ever topped 20 points, and none of the other special achievements were claimed either.


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