March 6th, 2017: No Time for Sushi

Crew Members: Josh, Zevvy, Gila, Jacob

If Americans (or Israelis) have adopted slavish Japanese work practices, at least they have also adopted Japanese eating practices (minus the squid for us Jews at least). Let the wasabi flow.

Time’s Up: Title Recall

Josh and Zevvy – 52, Gila and Jacob – 46

While waiting for the Sushi, we split into teams for Time’s Up, a game where players try to get their teammate to guess or recall certain words (in this case, movie, book, song or painting titles). The first round one must simply describe the title, and Gila and Jacob took an early lead 15 to 9. In the second round where only one word is permitted, Josh and I made a comeback, evening the score and winning time for round three. The charades round did not start well for Gila and Jacob, but in the end it was a near split, 13 to 11. But again, Josh and I got the starting lead in the fourth round  (frozen poses), where we took a quick and guaranteed lead, ending that round 15 to 9.

Sushi Go: Party!

Josh – 53, Gila – 43, Zevvy – 42, Jacob – 41


After eating some real sushi, we played Sushi Go: Party! which includes many extra cards, thus changing the gameplay each time. Our games departure from the original consisted of Edamame, worth a point for each other player with Edamame, Soy Sauce, 4 points for the most colors, and Special Order, which copies a card already played. We also had dumplings, maki, wasabi, and pudding. Gila took an early pudding lead, but Josh scored Wasabi Squid Nigiri in the first two rounds, and with a dash of Soy Sauce he vaulted far ahead. Jacob and Gila competed for second while I lagged behind, but the second round I got a lot of points for Edamame and dumplings. The final round saw Josh lose out on pudding as well as be denied soy sauce, and Gila pulled forward despite heated competition over maki rolls. In the end though Josh was too far ahead, but Gila still managed to pull second place over me and Jacob.

Whose culture should we appropriate next time?