April 4th, 2017: Maybe, there is no team…

Crew Members: Sarah, Dina, Gila, Zevvy, Josh, Abigail

A bucket of chips and a pile of games. And people. Those things are important too.


My favorite game which no one ever wants to play…and it was a blast! Aside from some differences between British and modern English, this was a good quick game to join (connect?) the group.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

This is a hidden identity game where you must discover who is on your team and take down the leader of the other side. Different items like smoke grenades and planted evidence can change the order of play or even a player’s team at the last second. Betrayed by Josh in the first round, I was wary to trust him in the second round but we managed to work together anyway and convert Dina to the crooked side at the last second. Gila was the Agent twice in a row, but in the last round I was the Agent and outnumbered. No one other than the Agent or Kingpin was ever killed, but I can imagine in an 8 player game more shots will be fired before a leader is taken down.


Gila and I teamed up against Josh, Sarah and Dina. The first round ended quickly when I guessed “Turkey” on the hint “Oven”, which was the assassin. The next round we were more in sync, with a last minute comeback linking “Lunch-Time” to “Ketchup” and “Watch”. Next round I gave hints, and my  “War” hint almost got five agents. Sarah’s team was behind and her last clue “Wrestle” got her team to guess “Center”, “Pit”, and almost picked “Thumb” before “Bar”, but had to wait until next round. I though it was a guaranteed win for us but for my clue “Cylindrical” I overlooked the cyclindrical glasses on the table when Gila guess “Tube” and “Glass” instead of “Trunk” (I intended tree trunk).

By the way, Sarah still has lots of chips, even though she says she would be bad at poker…