May 2nd, 2017: Haifa BBQ Crew

Crew Members: David T., Zevvy, Melody, Roy, Ludmilla

If mayonnaise is an instrument, then hamburger should be a board game.

Valley of Kings

Melody and I started a game while some of the meat cooked. We didn’t get to finish, but at least I learned a new game. While this is a deck building game, your deck doesn’t really grow–cards are used until you entomb them in order to score points. There are different categories with different types of effects, and you get points depending on how many cards of each color you have. Players choose cards from the bottom of a ‘pyramid’ each round, but the cards can be rearranged to advance a card or stymie an opponent. I had a few of the green weapons, and Melody had a bunch of teal cards and treasures, but that’s about all I remember.


Back in December Melody actually explained this game, but we didn’t get to play. Players at tiles to an expanding volcanic island, trying to build settlements, temples and towers. Placing all of two types of building, or having the most temples when the tiles run out wins the game. As the height of the island grows, portions of settlements can be destroyed, but not lone settlements. Temples can only be built two tiers from the ground, and Towers three.


I started with a lone settlement surrounded with no where to expand, but this also prevented others from destroying and expanding on top of me. Melody and Ludmilla got the first Temples, while Roy and I struggled to expand. Eventually though I sneaked a Tower from a third tier tile Melody placed, though she soon built one of her own elsewhere. Just before the tiles ran out I built a second Tower, and having built all my Temples as well ended the game.

Though technically David didn’t play any of the games, he definitely won hamburger.


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