July 5th, 2017: Why is that sheep drowning?

Crew Members: Gila, Zevvy, Sarah

After finally finishing my course, it was nice to be able to kick back and play some games.


Gila – 286, Zevvy – 272, Sarah – 242

This game is like Scrabble and Rummy. Players draw and discard letters, trying to use up all their cards to spell words. Longest word and most words get 10 point bonuses, and each round players have an extra card, so there are more words to consider. Most rounds, someone played all their cards the first turn, forcing everyone to make do with what they had. We used online dictionaries and helped each other out too, having fun and learning a few new words in the process. (Jur is British for push, and not just an alien from Omicron Persei 8).

Settlers of Catan

Gila – 10, Zevvy – 7, Sarah – 6

This was Sarah’s first time, and she picked it up quickly. Though more complex than it seems at first, many players are willing to learn and enjoy this game. Ore was scarce and Gila decided to monopolize on it, while I relied on my brick port, and Sarah expanded settlements. Later, Sarah got the Sheep port but by then Gila had raked in so much ore and was the only one to build a city that she overtook us quite quickly. I did manage to get 2 victory cards, and it was stealing Gila’s longest road that could have prolonged the game. But she was getting enough resources as it was that it wasn’t long before she was crowned Lord of Catan.

Hoping to make board gaming a regular thing again. Might actually be visiting Haifa next week, and though I live in Givat Shmuel now this group will always maintain a connection with its origins.


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