February 3rd, 2018: Bupkes!

Crew Members: Sasha, Yuda, Eitan, Danya, Zevvy, Nechama

I ended up staying in Givat Shmuel for Shabbat, and finally made use of a game that was sitting on the shelf for too long.


Easy to teach, we played a few rounds of this so everyone could have a turn giving clues. First round Sasha and Yuda were on a team and did very well, so Nechama suggested boys vs. girls (which seems to be our standard). But with this the boys took the lead, even though many clues were given with a count of “1”.


Zevvy – 22, Nechama – 21, Eitan – 17, Sasha – 14

I hadn’t played this since college, but bought a copy a while back thinking it would be good for a lighter game session (Citadels in Hebrew looked too intimidating). The game still takes a while because of the nature of verbal deal making, but it was fun and lively and Danya wished she had joined in from the start.

Though Eitan got an early lead with Red Beans, Nechama tried to then stop trading with him, which allowed me to catch up quite a bit. Nechama managed to cash in some garden beans and a lot of Soy and Stink beans, making deals with Sasha. Towards the end Eitan and I were just giving each other beans, and in the last round I got one coin more than Nechama, but I also went first. I took out the Cocoa beans by mistake, so with the few extra turns they would’ve afforded, the outcome could have been different. Either way, everyone had fun, and it was just the right game for the afternoon.

I don’t have a lot of games that can handle more than 4 players. Maybe my next purchase should be something that is easy to teach, scales well, and that I too would enjoy (cause I’m sure not playing Avalon). Time to do some research.