March 16-17th: Can’t Spell Wine Without Win

Crew Members: Jonathan, Kevin, Zevvy, Nechama, Orit, Sarah, Yehuda, Lea

Games are fun. Some are even more fun when you’re drunk.

Stone Age

A new game easily attracts the crowd. We only had room for 4 though, but Orit acted as my consultant. Since it worked out well for me with 2 players, I went for field then extra worker. But with more competition 4 players, I ended up having to hunt quite a bit, and lost 10 points once. I did build some decent buildings and while I only had two tech, I had a variety of builders, shamans, farmers and tool makers. Jonathan had a lot of buildings but very few civilization cards until the end of the game. Kevin had a lot of wood and a lot of civilization cards but didn’t get any of the expensive buildings. Nechama was only a few points behind me in the end but couldn’t feed her workers either.

Sushi Go: Party

Menu was Temaki, Special Order, Soy Sauce, Green Tea Ice Cream, Tempura, Dumplings.
While I was ahead in points the first round, everyone else nabbed all the Dessert, which I had put too many cards in the deck anyway. In the final round the Dessert made the difference, with Yehuda pulling ahead in the final count. We didn’t even make it through round two because everyone was tired. Yep, just tired.


Shabbat afternoon Lea was brave enough to play Innovation with me and Kevin. Sure enough, the beginning of the game was confusing but by the end she figured it out. Kevin and I were mostly competing for achievements though so Lea thought she had no chance, but with both me and Kevin stuck at 5 after some tense moments, scores started to change quite rapidly. Lea almost had 20 lightbulbs but Kevin had Empiricism. The game ended when I activated Software, scoring 40 points and claiming Universe and the Level 9 Achievement just before Kevin could. Kevin may have gotten the Monument though and we missed it.


Lea and I played Hanabi. She picked up right away on the balance of giving hints vs. discarding, and we made no ‘mistaken plays’. I had 3 fives though and was only able to get one out by the end, since we waited a long time for the first Blue 1. A final score of 19 for a first game is pretty good.

You don’t need alcohol to win at board games. But it can help…


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