June 17th, 2018: With A Little Bit of Luck

Crew Members: Zevvy, Shlomo, Imanuel, Yizchak

Imanuel happened to be in town with games, and I happened to have the night free.

Dice Forge

This game looks so nice on the table it drew in my roommate to join us finally. Imanuel went first and focused on Sun Shards, even removing his 2 point side after rolling it. I focused on cash and moon shards, though didn’t get the forge like I should have and wasted a lot of gold. Yitzchak also got Sun Shards, and Shlomo was able to buy two of the 12 gold sides pretty quickly. While Imanuel and Yitzchak split the 26 point hydras, I got some nice 3x point rolls, but Shlomo definitely had the best luck, rolling his “1 of everything” side 3 or 4 times per round, as well as his 4 point side. While the final scores for three of us were just over 100, Shlomo hit almost 150.


Magic Maze

Looking for something quick I was happy to play this having read about it. This was Yitzchak’s first co-op game, and while it started “too easy” we ramped up and had some tense moments. We never had to use the dwarf doors but our final round we used all the timers but one, as we raced to the end just in time.


Afterwards Yitzchak asked about games with “give-and-take” and we spoke about Bohnanza. We may have another acolyte now.


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