August 11th, 2018: Numba Fouw, Come Wif Rice!

Crew Members: Avi, Kevin, Devorah, Zevvy

We had a request for Civ. And we had a brave new player. Here’s what happened in our exciting 5 hour game.

Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game

I opened Russia with Natural Religion, Avi was Spanish Pacifism, Kevin was Aztec’s (I think with Expansionism?) and Devorah was China with Pacifism. Avi explored early uncovering two Relic spaces, but while he got Atillia’s village he chose to snag two Huts from Kevin leaving me to take Atlantis. Kevin and Devorah started climbing the culture track, and Devorah turned some Libraries into Universities as her capital became wuite the culture center. I was building figures and units, and eventually was able to spy on a few Tech’s. Communism was a big help in the beginning, allowing me to establish a trade city that could still build. As the game went on, Kevin and Avi upgraded their armies a bit, while I waited, thinking to get Tech victory or military attack once I got flight. Unfortunately I had no silk to use Steam Power, but I had a few Spy resources which protected my coins from many culture attacks. Kevin had to leave a bit before the end, but set a plan in motion to get coins. It was Devorah’s Uranium in the end that surprised us, as she produced massive culture and the doubled her city actions to advance up the end of the culture track in one move (she had level two endowment for the arts and a two trade discount from Ecology). Finishing the round, I attacked and conquered Avi’s capital, but he gifted Kevin his 15th coin. By standard rules though Devorah had us beat–by advanced tie breaker I didn’t count, but Devorah still may have won (my military victory non-withstanding) as she was at the end of the culture, had 7 coins and had more tech then Kevin (thanks to Notre Dame).

Devorah said she would play again, now that she kind of knows what’s going on. It’s always worth the effort to teach a new convert. Avi is still trying to get a Victory–so that means we will likely keep playing.