August 15th, 2018: A Feast for Loki

Crew Members: Zevvy, Yehuda, Shlomo, Eitan

Took longer than I had hoped, but everyone stuck through to the end.

A Feast for Odin

Yehuda – 94, Eitan – 85, Zevvy – 84, Shlomo – 63

Yehuda started with whaling, Shlomo towards pillaging and animals, Eitan trapping and pillaging, and I was whaling and exploring Shetland for early income. Eitan managed to fill his home board with all the bonuses, and had two sheds and a house but with a few -1 spaces left. He also emigrated a couple times and had a lot of cows. Yehuda had Iceland, two full long houses, and covered most -1 on his home board, as well as emigrations and a lot of Occupations. Shlomo had a lot of sheep and the English crown, mostly pillaged and raided the whole game. Managed to fill most of his home board but still had a good amount of -1 and not much other source of points. I had some -1 left on my home board, but had Shetland and Greenland filled in. I emigrated only once and had no houses.

Yes this game starts off confusing, but help someone out for a turn or two and its amazing to see them hit the ground running. Glad this beast is hitting the table now and again.


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