January 19th, 2019: 2 Player Game

Crew Members: Zevvy, Odel


We played a round in the afternoon, it was easy enough to pick up. The game starts a bit slow but goes faster once the income arrives. In the end Odel had only five empty squares while I had seven, but I had more high income from the beginning and was ahead by 10 buttons.


January 12th, 2019: Klaf!

Crew Members: Zevvy, Odel

We both passed out after dinner, but woke up later, needing a light activity before sleep.

Bananagrams (Hebrew)

I call this an activity more than a game, but it’s a great way to practice language. Instead of ‘peel’ we said ‘klaf’ which is cool because it shares the letters of the root ‘to peel’ but also refers to a card like in a card game. Surprisingly (or not?) I used all my letters first…my wife is very impressed by my Hebrew 🙂

If she didn’t have so much work, she has expressed interest in playing some simple games. I hope Splendor or Machi Koro can act as good quick games, because as fun as it is to play Civ: The Board Game with friends, I’d love to play even Machi Koro with my wife.

January 10th, 2019: Testing the Waters

Crew Members: Zevvy

It was late but I couldn’t sleep, and had a print going, so I finally got to run through Akrotiri.


The blue player seemed to be ahead from the start, getting more money, and getting ahead in temple discoveries. All of the ‘bonus’ point cards the blue player got were 2 points per temple on islands with specific symbols, and he didn’t focus too much on that.


The white player got some medium and difficult maps, and had point cards giving lots of points for disconnected temples, temples requiring two portage, and temples with mountains. Blue rushed the end game with some easy temples and 17 points, but white managed to place a medium temple, still building only five for 14 points. However, white got so many extra points from ‘disconnected temples’, as well as one with two portages and some mountains. Blue only got a few ‘bonus’ points and in the end it was something like 23 Blue to over 40 White.


I was very impressed. The first few turns were a bit slow but once the map gets bigger it’s easier to complete temples–just need to find a free island! Also, the ‘faster’ player didn’t win by a long shot, showing that patience for valuable temples and maximizing objectives is worthwhile. Table space isn’t as bad as I thought either, but still needs decent amount of space. Definitely a game I would always be in the mood to play.

January 9th, 2019: Power Yid

Crew Members: Yehuda, Zevvy, Shlomo, Kevin

Back in action! Finally got to see Yehuda’s new apartment next to my old one. And we got to play games too.


Shlomo and I played a round while Kevin showed up. Most of the Sets were all different qualities, and I got a fairly big lead before Shlomo began gaining ground.

Power Grid

With only four of us there wasn’t too much competition for resources, but more for space. Kevin was only using Oil for a while but also had the Western Coast to himself. I stayed behind a bit for cheap coal but then upgraded to wind power despite not needing it just yet. Yehuda was the first to go nuclear, and I was the first to go garbage, followed by Kevin for a bit. We forgot to remove four power plants at the game start, and stage 3 came not long after stage 2.


I tried to stay behind until the very last turn, but Kevin had enough of a money lead to get to 17 before I could upgrade my last plant. I could have kept my 2 coal / 3 house plant and powered 16 as well, but Kevin would have won the tie-breaker anyway. Shlomo had two eco-plants and Uranium, but he and Yehuda did not advance quickly enough before the end game.

Everyone was very happy to get together and catch up a bit. Hopefully we can keep up a regular schedule, and hopefully the weather will only improve (and the rain will fall only on the fields and the Kinneret).


January 7th, 2019: Waiting to Print

Crew Members: Zevvy

The power jumped last night and I had to restart a print, so to pass the time while it started up again I grabbed a solo game.


My starting Papa gave me 6 lira and a Yoke, which was awesome. My summer Surveyor got me 6 coins which I then converted 9 coins into 3 points. I also got to build and plant with a visitor, and was on my way to making a sparkling wine for my first order. I had to sell my other two fields to get money for cellars though. I planted blanc and pinot but most of my orders were for pure red wine. I got another worker in round 2. I did have some Winter visitors allowing me to straight up turn wine to points, and most of points came in the last round, getting me to 22.

I was surprised how engaging this was that I didn’t even notice when the print wasn’t starting. Even for a ‘simple’ game it provides a great deal of diversion.

January 5th, 2019: Primer

Crew Members: Zevvy, Odel

So we didn’t actually play many games fully through, but my wife was interested in seeing different games, wondering if any might be good for a group of six 9th graders on the autistic spectrum.

We played the first level of Magic Maze, which is fast, up to 8 players, and can be scaled to the player’s ability levels. It requires co-operation and non-verbal communication. However, unless all players clearly understand the goal and rules, they can be left feeling like they don’t know what is expected of them.

Kings of Israel seemed interesting because of the Biblical Theme, but for someone new to this style of co-op games, there is a lot going on. It’s also not a very balanced or easy game, compared to Forbidden Island for instance.

Sushi Go can accommodate many players and is both simple to learn and play. This one could be a hit.

SET is probably the perfect game, both visual and intuitive (Odel figured out what constitutes a SET without even having to explain it). This one is #1 recommended on a list on BGG for children with ASD.

Jaipur was a bit more confusing, also only for 2 players. Simple set collection game but if one is completely new to games, not entirely intuitive.

Kingdomino could also be good, the game play and scoring is simple but someone needs to enforce the placement rules.

December 22nd, 2018: Family Weekend

Crew Members: Shmuly, Chavie

Was with the family this weekend, had a couple games that arrived after moving everything else to my new apartment.

Forbidden Sky

Played one game with Shmuly before Shabbat, so we got to see the spaceship go off. He was Medic and I was Navigator, though I barely used my power. We got everything set pretty quick except the launch pad, and had to make sure we’d be able to wire it all. A couple close calls with the rope, since we never got the defrayer…but we made it as the Storm Meter reached 4, hanging on by a thread.

With Chavie we had Surveyor and Climber, a good combination. We built the landing pad early on, but with bad luck on the wind I was making sure to stay sheltered as much as possible. We did get the defrayer, and with Remote Fuser were able to safely wire everything up as we headed towards the launch pad.

Magic Maze

With prices similar to 365, we bought this in the store downstairs. Chavie and I made it through all the learning scenarios, running out of time on the increased security level. Would be fun to play with four players or more.

Ravens of Thri Sahashri

Chavie agreed to play this and we had a really good time. First round we chased away two ravens and discarded a third–no cards were eaten, but only a single 1 point card was scored. Pushed my luck a lot at the end, got lucky that the last two ravens didn’t show up. Second round was fairly uneventful, but did score green twice–a four and a one. Chavie really wanted to tell me things but we made sure to be strict about no talking in the second and final round. We did manage to beat the final round as well, using red powers to discard from the Atman, and the score pile providing just enough to get by. The last card in the Heart was a 5, so it only took us three turns to win.

Glad these games got use right away, for now they are all worth keeping I think.