June 17th, 2018: With A Little Bit of Luck

Crew Members: Zevvy, Shlomo, Imanuel, Yizchak

Imanuel happened to be in town with games, and I happened to have the night free.

Dice Forge

This game looks so nice on the table it drew in my roommate to join us finally. Imanuel went first and focused on Sun Shards, even removing his 2 point side after rolling it. I focused on cash and moon shards, though didn’t get the forge like I should have and wasted a lot of gold. Yitzchak also got Sun Shards, and Shlomo was able to buy two of the 12 gold sides pretty quickly. While Imanuel and Yitzchak split the 26 point hydras, I got some nice 3x point rolls, but Shlomo definitely had the best luck, rolling his “1 of everything” side 3 or 4 times per round, as well as his 4 point side. While the final scores for three of us were just over 100, Shlomo hit almost 150.


Magic Maze

Looking for something quick I was happy to play this having read about it. This was Yitzchak’s first co-op game, and while it started “too easy” we ramped up and had some tense moments. We never had to use the dwarf doors but our final round we used all the timers but one, as we raced to the end just in time.


Afterwards Yitzchak asked about games with “give-and-take” and we spoke about Bohnanza. We may have another acolyte now.


April 19th – 20th: 2018

Crew Members: Zevvy, David, Sarah B., Orit, Joan, Kevin

After the BBQ some folks played a game. Also on Friday some folks played a game.


Loki was after the infinity gems, and four of them escaped before we could really start doing anything. But we managed to barely hang on, keeping the last couple gems out of his reach. Invisible Woman and Storm helped us K.O. the starting cards and draw more, while Luke Cage helped protect from Wounds and with Jessica Jones eventually did enough damage to start attacking Loki and take him down, despite some close calls with the Scheme Twist.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Before the BBQ, David and I played against Kaargra as The Wraith, Fanatic, Mr. Fixer and Tempest. Tempest started as the healer, but soon changed roles to preventing the end of turn effects of the enemies, slowing their favor gain. Wraith was the main damage dealer, with some buff from Fanatic, and Mr. Fixer’s Dual Crowbars also earned a lot of kills and favor. We had more than enough favor but Kaargra had Chaos Lord, so hitting her played more cards. We got lucky and didn’t draw another Fickle Fans and were able to take her out a turn before she might have gotten enough favor to win.

On Friday, Kevin brought over some food and stayed for a game and a half. We faced Baron Blade, Fright Train and Friction as The Naturalist, Fanatic and Setback. The Naturalist tanked as Rhino for a few rounds while Fanatic and Setback took out Friction. Fanatic started with End of Days, immediately clearing the Villain’s starting bonuses. The Naturalist switched to Crocodile mode and with some heavy hits from Setback’s Looking Up and Karmic Retribution, we took out Baron Blade and Fright Train no problem. HP was actually kind of low, but the healing from Fanatic was a useful boon.

Second game was meant to be fast, so we faced Advanced Baron Blade in Rook City. Despite having Team Leader Tachyon, we just could hit fast enough to get past two Defense Platforms and Elemental Redistributor before drawing Consider the Price of Victory for a loss. I did play Freedom Five Absolute Zero which was able to lay on a lot of hurt and burn myself down to 1 HP, but Tachyon’s Lightspeed Barrage was just shy of flipping the Baron before his Lunar Impulsor Beam activated. Expatriette was also able to do some damage but not quite fast enough to stop the Baron.

One Deck Dungeon

David played as Caliana and I was the slayer, against Indrax. While we lost some time at the start, most encounters weren’t a problem. We lacked combat dice, but had more than enough magic and decent dexterity, making most traps a breeze. We did use a luck potion here and there, and the second layer combat requirement was tough until we each got a Charmed Panther. By the time we faced Indrax we both had four items and four skills, as well as a few potions to spare, and in two rounds he was neutralized, us without a scratch.

Since David only plays Co-op games we ran the gamut of our options (except Hanabi and The Kings of Israel…oh and Forbidden Island). Legendary sometimes feels to random to me, and One Deck Dungeon too easy. Though Sentinels has some potentially swingy villains, it’s still my favorite out of the co-op games we tend to play.

January 15th, 2018: Make America Great!

Crew members: Jonathan, Zevvy, Ariel

I ended up free tonight, and called into the void. Ariel was also looking for a game tonight, and I asked Jonathan if he’d be down for Nations, even after our 7 hour game on Shabbat. Of course he was!


Ariel – America: 47, Zevvy – Egypt: 46, Jonathan – Vikings: 29

The first age showed zero military cards but many raids. As Egypt I started with no military, so I had to buy the war and not much else. Though Pillar of Hercules gave me a temporary +7, so that was quite opportune, but Jonathan’s Viking powers still kept his military lead intact. Ariel’s strong starting production kept him flush with resources for the entire game, until the very last turn when he actually ran out of food.

The second age actually saw no raids, so heavy reliance on raids for stone the previous round left Jonathan with little income. He got some nice bonuses for stability though, and Sun Tzu let him double action, while Ariel’s Buddha let me make some key moves before him, and we competed a bit for architects. At least one round my private architect came in handy.

While I led in books in the early rounds, I soon had to shift my focus elsewhere (like Stability for Genghis Khan), and Jonathan and Ariel overtook me. I definitely took workers faster than others, and Suleiman gave me another two, but for a while I had not enough stone to deploy them. One of my wonders let me buy stone, which was super helpful throughout the game.

Ariel had a nice combo that gave him a ton of stone for upgrading buildings, and in the final round his upgraded buildings gave him tons of books and points. Jonathan didn’t manage to upgrade his buildings that much and lack of resources saw him often passing well before the two of us, though the last round I passed first for a point on the Forbidden Temple. Jonathan did manage to fill out his wonders in the last round, with Titusville and Ford Motor Company combo-ing nicely.


In the end it was down to one point, but the distribution made this a particular interesting game. Until next time, America was Made Great Again!

This game is more forgiving than some, but can still be punishing if a person doesn’t have the flexibility to change strategies. That’s why I like the dynasty addition, although so far very few people have ever changed–it seems being dynamic with your workers and upgrading at the proper intervals is more important.

January 12th, 2018: What are you building?

Crew Members: Vered, Zevvy, Ariel

With a couple free hours Friday afternoon I went over to Vered since she had some other friends coming over anyway.


Zevvy – 64, Vered – 61, Ariel – 60

So I had played this once before almost a year ago, but Ariel refreshed me on the rules. Last time I played I barely contributed to the Castle, but focused more on the blue buildings. This game there wasn’t even an option to get Villas or Blue buildings until the very end, and no one got a blue one anyway. Though there were some opportunities to be a bit more cutthroat in the early game, for the most part no one got screwed over by the white pawn (Provost?). I took the ‘always pay only one coin slot’ from Ariel right away and held it for the rest of the game. There also wasn’t much gold during this game, though Vered got a bunch at the end with the Alchemy building. Though we all had some plans that didn’t quite work out (Royal Favor still confuses me) it was a very close game.

As expected, I stayed about 30 minutes later than I planned but made it home just fine before Shabbat. Glad I got to play this game again with good people.

January 22nd, 2017: Marco Polo

Crew Members: Gabe, Ben, Gila, Zevvy

I finally met up with my second cousin who not only lives in my neighborhood but is more of a board game fanatic than I am.

Marco Polo

Winner – Gabe

This is a dice-based worker placement game. Camels can be used to alter die rolls adding an extra element of strategy. Resources like silk, gold and spices are used to complete contracts which reward players with points and other benefits. Coins and camels are used to travel across the map, which allows players to build trading posts in the towns they explore for added resource production or actions.

Gabe’s character could choose his die rolls, allowing him to easily acquire resources and fulfill many contracts. Gila tied him for completed contract but despite her additional explorer did not manage to build trading posts in many cities. My character could build trading posts without stopping, but it wasn’t until the last round that I saved up enough for a big journey where I settled four towns at once. I did have many of the small cities and enjoyed steady income. Ben’s ability allowed him to travel the map easily and he collected points from a variety of sources, but Gabe was still ahead by a fair amount.

Awesome to meet more of the extended family and affirming that being a board game geek might just be genetic.

January 5th, 2017: New places, new faces (and old faces).

Crew Members: Zevvy, Shlomo, Allan, Yoni

I moved to Givat Shmuel and when I found out I had a rare night with no work, I mustered a few folks for some good old Thursday night gaming. Allan has been doing an internship and I met him at a Technion Shabbaton, and we’ve hung out a couple times since. Shlomo heeded the facebook call for board games and lives in the neighborhood. And Yoni lives near by and I’ve known him for almost 15 years. I feel old saying that…

7 Wonders

Allan – 51, Zevvy – 51, Shlomo – 45

Allan as Alexandria had every resource he needed except early brick, but Shlomo was a head in military the first two rounds. I tried for an early science lead but mostly just got Tablets. I also tried to get a trade advantage but Allan made sure not to build any Cloth production. In the last age, I got a lot of Science including the Guild, and Allan pulled ahead in Military. Final score was a tie, and we also tied for coins, the only tiebreaker. Never seen that happen before.


Sentinels of the Multiverse

Not sticking to usual format here. We played an introduction game against Baron Blade in the Mobile Defense Platform. It was pretty easy until a Devious Disruption took out most of Omnitron’s components, dealing massive damage as well. Visionary controlled the Villain trash and deck and helped Fanatic keep her Divine Focus on Baron Blade until she could Wrathful Retribution to finish off his first side, at which point we started a new game since Yoni had arrived.

Against La Capitan we did not fare as well. It took a while to get going, but once Argent Adept had his instruments her and Guise tag teamed for a lot of card plays. Sky-Scraper did not get many useful links, and Parse was doing more control than damage. Eventually La Capitan lost steam and we hit her pretty hard, but some ill-timed Villainous Weaponry and Meteor Shower a turn too late left Argent Adept incapacitated. La Capitan and her remaining crew were sure to make short work of the rest of heroes so we called it quits.


I would like to continue blogging in the same place, and hopefully will still play in Haifa from time to time  as well. Not sure I have much time now, but will establish a crew in Givat Shmuel as well. And people will wonder why we are the Haifa Board Games crew.


December 4th, 2016: Hey, a game night!

Crew Members: Amyr, Zevvy, David M., David T., Melody, Roman

It’s been a while since we had a regular board game night, but when it happens people show up, new and old. Even last minute on a Sunday night.


David M. – 17, 1 A (Win by high score). Amyr – 10 pts, 3 A. Zevvy – 0 pts, 3 A

We started with what turned out to be a long game of Innovation. David M. got the fist achievement, and while he slowed us down with his Monotheism, Amyr managed to get a burst of points and grab the next few achievements before us. Using Anatomy I slowed the game but Amyr and David both got level 7 and 8 tech while I was stuck at level 4. I Melded my score pile to retrieve Construction and steal some higher tech, grabbing the Empire achievement as well. As level nine tech showed up, Bio-Engineering was played but Amy just barely had three leaves, preventing my win. In the end, Databases could have won it for Amyr except I had just grabbed my 3rd Achievement, and the game ended by David M.’s whopping high score of 17.


Melody, Roman and David T. played this abstract strategy game for three players where you win by having only one group of your pieces left. I think Roman won. Roman and I played three games of this, and he won the first one while I just barely won the next two.

Shadowrun: Crossfire

Melody and Amyr and the Davids played this four-player co-op game. Each game is a mission and can be continued with previous characters. Unfortunately, after a long effort the team was forced to abort, but they all added some Karma for next time they play.


Zevvy – 50, Roman – 26

It’s been a long time since we played Dominion. The random set had a few attacks including Witch, as well as Moat. I took an early Loan which kept skipping my Monument, but over time trashing the Coppers helped my deck set up for Menagerie. Roman got Gold before I did but eventually I was able to put things in motion and buy two provinces in one turn. Around then I also began playing Witch, and Roman’s deck was slowed down enough that although he had more Monument points then me and some Duchies, I was able to buy Provinces faster and end the game.

I am starting a new program in Tel Aviv and likely moving in the next few months, but I’m sure the crew will carry on.