April 9th, 2016: A Long, Civilized Afternoon

Crew Members: David, Liz, Zevvy, Martin

David and Liz have finally settled in their new apartment, so Martin and I came by for games in the afternoon…and the late afternoon…and the evening…


It had been a long time since Liz and I played Scrabble, and we were due for a rematch. The board remained pretty narrow for a while, and David had the most points for a word with 30, until I opened the board with the word Encore. Liz then presented David a chance to score a Triple Word, but he didn’t have anything good and left it open for me to score 66 points with the word Zero (the Z was doubled and tripled). We played until Martin showed up, but at that point I was pretty far ahead.

Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game

David – Greeks, Liz – Arabs, Martin – Romans, Zevvy – Russians

David: Military Victory

Martin has been wanting to play this for a while, and a long Shabbat afternoon is probably our only chance to do so. The game is based off of elements from the Civilization video game series. Each nation has cities producing buildings, soldiers, and trade points as we explore the map for new locations to settle and huts and villages to conquer. Trade points are used to research tech which improves various aspects of the player’s civilization, such as production or movement speed, or various other benefits.

As the Arabs, Liz focused a lot on culture, but it took her a while to get a second city established. Martin’s special abilities also gave him a decent amount of culture. I focused mostly on military, and discovered several city-states which tied up my forces while David attacked me. Fortunately I was able to hold off David’s attacks, and mount an assault on Martin’s city. I didn’t have quite enough forces to take Martin’s capital, and decided to focus on stealing tech. But at this point David had built up his army and was still not deterred from attacking me, especially after my battles with Martin left me weakened. Towards the end, Liz was very close to a cultural victory, though David and Martin had interfered a little bit with her. But in one large attack David defeated my whole army, and had no problem taking my capital after that, securing a Military Victory. The Russian space program failed due to over extension of their Military…

After learning the rules, Civilization only took us about 7 hours. We didn’t use the Great Person’s deck or Investment deck, which add some more options for players. We were using the rest of the expansion pieces and rules, which make battles more tactical and balance aspects of the original release of the game.


January 16th, 2016: Save the Endlings!

Crew Members: Zevvy, David

I spent Shabbat in the dorm, so David and I had a lot of time to play games. Friday night we played Dominion, and Shabbat afternoon we played Sentinels of the Multiverse. We played a two-player variant where each player has an incapacitated hero as a sidekick, and we set H to 3. This is the story of our epic battle against Omnitron, the sentient robot out to solve the problems of the human race: by destroying all humans!

Sentinels of the Multiverse

David – The Naturalist: 5 (Sidekick: Mr. Fixer), Zevvy – Omnitron-X: Incapacitated (Sidekick: Absolute Zero)

Villain – Omnitron: DEFEATED

Environment: The Enclave of the Endlings

Omnitron-X, the humanoid future form of Omnitron has traveled through time to stop his former self. Teamed up with The Naturalist, a former energy baron turned environmental protectionist, they sought to prevent Omnitron from laying waste to the Enclave of the Endlings, the refuge for species who are the last of their kind.

The Naturalist began the game in Crocodile form, dealing damage and handling Omnitron’s never ending supply of drones. Omnitron-X built up his supply of components and allowed The Naturalist to play more cards, keeping up the flow of damage. As the number of environment targets grew, The Naturalist deemed it time to Blend With the Pack and call upon his Environmental Allies. Changing to Gazelle form, the heroes were protected from the various Endlings, which proceeded to help slowly wear down the behemoth robotics factory.

Our luck was being pushed however, as more and more environment targets came into play, they risked being destroyed by Omnitron’s terrible Terraforming capabilities. In a devastating attack, Omnitron fired off Sedative Flechettes, obliterating The Naturalist’s Ongoing setup and dealing enough damage to destroy Omnitron-X’s components. Before we could do much to recuperate, Omnitron began Terraforming, destroying the environment and playing nine (9!) cards from his deck. While most of these were drones and components, a Technological Singularity was enough to finish off Omnitron-X and leave The Naturalist heavily injured.

It was time to call upon the Form of the Rhinoceros. Hiding behind his thick hide, The Naturalist took some time to recover, desperate for a strategy which would allow him to survive and fight back. When all hope seemed lost, a voice boomed from the environment: BLOOOGOOO! The Last Aphan charged into the battlefield, protecting The Naturalist from the killing blows of the Assault Drones. But Bloogo’s protection was intermittent, as he saw fit to alternate between protecting The Naturalist and Omnitron.

Utilizing the card and power plays from the incapacitated heroes and sidekicks, The Naturalist was able to alternate healing and dealing damage, depending on Bloogo’s position. Slowly but surely Omnitron’s plating was torn apart by the sharp teeth of the Crocodile, while the hide of the Rhinoceros kept The Naturalist alive. The Gazelle even made a return appearance, just in time to nimbly avoid another set of Sedative Flechettes which would have surely meant defeat for our heroes.

Leaving one lone assault droid alive for to distract Bloogo, The Naturalist went for an all out assault, finishing off the main body of Omnitron for good. However, if even a small piece of Omnitron survives, he can reconstruct himself and our efforts would be for naught. With one Assault Drone still alive, the battle was not over yet. Though it is against his creed, the Naturalist was forced to put Bloogo to rest, in order to destroy the last bit off Omnitron and save the other races from destruction. Bloogo’s sacrifice was necessary, but The Naturalist will carry the weight of this act in his heart until the day when he too must submit to nature’s all pervasive call.

We played a second game against Grand Warlord Voss, David as the Wraith and I as The Sentinels, in the Time Cataclysm. Not much of a story there, we pretty much whooped him, though the Wraith was almost killed by a Surprise Shopping Trip.