December 2nd, 2018: Que Syrah

Crew Members: Zevvy

I packed up my games last night, but Viticulture EE arrived in the mail, so I tried the solo version before packing it up as well.


I started with Trellis and built Windmill then planted Pinot. I planted red grapes the first few years for some windmill points and sold 6 field to help fund new worker and cellar upgrade. Sold 5 field to help upgrade cellar again, and after finally harvesting I was able to fulfill a five point order. Bottler Winter visitor got me 3 points, and another one let me turn my 2 residual income into two points. In year 6 I fulfilled a 2,3,4 white wine order for four points, and passed the Automa. Probably could’ve done another order in year seven as well.

Even with the Automa I never felt too restricted. A real two player game might feel more so…


November 28th, 2018: Dying of Thirst

Crew Members: Zevvy

Needed to wait for a print for Food Chain Magnate to finish, decided to try Forbidden Desert four player son Legendary.

Forbidden Desert

Randomly got Explorer, Meteorologist, Archaeologist and Navigator. Didn’t draw any Storm Intensifies until later, when I drew all 3 over two turns. Discovered first clue to four separate parts on top half of board. Navigator and Meteorologist hid in tunnels while Explorer and Archaeologist did most of the work. Had to retreat to a heat shield when I knew two Sun Beats Down were coming up. Archaeologist used Water equipment and was going to dig well, but end up getting parts instead. Only one turn was there an unknown factor that could kill the Meteorologist of thirst, but in the end I didn’t dig up a single well–was able to use tunnels to hide. What was close was when three of four were heat shielded on the Launch pad, but the storm moved my tile preventing the Archaeologist from getting to the Launch pad easily. In the two turns before the Navigator could bring him home, I was down to a single sand tile. Pretty exciting ending.

Of course I hear about Forbidden Sky right after getting Desert…looks like it’s also worth having, and I love the theme…just have to see if I can take out the batteries to play on Shabbos…

September 26th, 2018: Bobby Hill, Meat Inspector

Crew Members: Zevvy

Had to be around while my 3D print ran, everyone else is at work though.

A Feast for Odin

Final Score: 120

I used the C deck and started with Meat Inspector. I took lots of wood and ore from the mountains and got the mead bonus in the first round. Next I planned ahead a bit, getting some pieces that would fill in Tierra Del Fuego and Orkney nicely. Quartermain even let me build my Longship a bit cheaper, and I bought a Whale Boat and did some whaling. I had also forged the Fibula and gotten the Ore bonus pretty early, after which I focused on my Islands until the last round. I got 5 silver when I finally played Meat Inspector. Some other cards I got also rewarded having Long Boats, and I plundered a Silver Hoard. Thanks to Orkney’s weapon bonus I got some swords and was able to take the Crown on a roll of a 12, two ore and two swords. I had bought a Knarr + Long house which I filled, but I emigrated the Knarr, not having used it to buy Special pieces or anything. Finally I upgraded some of the Cows I was getting from Orkney, and filled in most of my home board. Final score was quite high, and I only had a few orange food items left over.


Occupations really helped guide me, and planning ahead for the Islands is something which paid off but would take time during a non-solo game.

June 24th, 2018: Midnight Feast

Crew Members: Zevvy

First official solo game of Feast for Odin. Starting profession Craft Leader. Never used its ability.

A Feast for Odin

  1. Opened with successful snare(2), flax to linen(1), mountain/upgrade(2), craft rune(1). This secured mead bonus and income 3.
  2. Next round I bought cow/sheep(4), sheep(3), and hunt(1). Secured ore bonus.

Got next cow, used mountains / weapons / upgrades to get longboat (had Helmsman to draw more weapons). Got Iceland, Dragonslayer, Chief, and in last round upgrades followed by overseas trading. Got Newfoundland, had two stone houses. Also got English crown (10 + 2 ore + 3 sword + stone). Final score 131.




February 21st, 2018: One Player Dungeon

Crew Members: Zevvy

I’ve never written a post about playing a game by myself…but I just got my copy of One Deck Dungeon and had a great experience. The game is designed for 1 or 2 players.

One Deck Dungeon

My first game I went classic, Warrior in the Dragon’s Den. I feel like I used up my potions too early on, trying to take damage for Frenzy. I made sure to get a few items to improve my magic, but my skills weren’t all that helpful except Valor (roll a free heroic die). After many close calls, I made it to the dragons den. I only scored 3 hits the first round, and 4 the second round, but ran out of steam and was taken down before I could deal the finishing blow.

I also wanted to test Forest of Shadows, and the Caliana caught my eye as an interesting character. In fact, she was quite powerful, especially since I could take my time at the stairs clearing the floor before continuing. I also got some useful skills and was pretty well rounded, in addition to the fact that I used almost none of my many potions. Probably because I never needed to heal, since any damage is an instant loss to Caliana. This made the final battle pretty tense, but I managed to finish off the Mud Golem without too much trouble.

Even as a single player experience this was excellent, and after a lot of Arkham Horror I am wary of dice. But here even after the dice are rolled there is still the choice of how to use skills, and I’m sure with 2 players it’s even more interesting, combining abilities to overcome the challenges. Traps are quite difficult as one player before getting an item though.