February 21st, 2018: One Player Dungeon

Crew Members: Zevvy

I’ve never written a post about playing a game by myself…but I just got my copy of One Deck Dungeon and had a great experience. The game is designed for 1 or 2 players.

One Deck Dungeon

My first game I went classic, Warrior in the Dragon’s Den. I feel like I used up my potions too early on, trying to take damage for Frenzy. I made sure to get a few items to improve my magic, but my skills weren’t all that helpful except Valor (roll a free heroic die). After many close calls, I made it to the dragons den. I only scored 3 hits the first round, and 4 the second round, but ran out of steam and was taken down before I could deal the finishing blow.

I also wanted to test Forest of Shadows, and the Caliana caught my eye as an interesting character. In fact, she was quite powerful, especially since I could take my time at the stairs clearing the floor before continuing. I also got some useful skills and was pretty well rounded, in addition to the fact that I used almost none of my many potions. Probably because I never needed to heal, since any damage is an instant loss to Caliana. This made the final battle pretty tense, but I managed to finish off the Mud Golem without too much trouble.

Even as a single player experience this was excellent, and after a lot of Arkham Horror I am wary of dice. But here even after the dice are rolled there is still the choice of how to use skills, and I’m sure with 2 players it’s even more interesting, combining abilities to overcome the challenges. Traps are quite difficult as one player before getting an item though.