September 26th, 2018: Bobby Hill, Meat Inspector

Crew Members: Zevvy

Had to be around while my 3D print ran, everyone else is at work though.

A Feast for Odin

Final Score: 120

I used the C deck and started with Meat Inspector. I took lots of wood and ore from the mountains and got the mead bonus in the first round. Next I planned ahead a bit, getting some pieces that would fill in Tierra Del Fuego and Orkney nicely. Quartermain even let me build my Longship a bit cheaper, and I bought a Whale Boat and did some whaling. I had also forged the Fibula and gotten the Ore bonus pretty early, after which I focused on my Islands until the last round. I got 5 silver when I finally played Meat Inspector. Some other cards I got also rewarded having Long Boats, and I plundered a Silver Hoard. Thanks to Orkney’s weapon bonus I got some swords and was able to take the Crown on a roll of a 12, two ore and two swords. I had bought a Knarr + Long house which I filled, but I emigrated the Knarr, not having used it to buy Special pieces or anything. Finally I upgraded some of the Cows I was getting from Orkney, and filled in most of my home board. Final score was quite high, and I only had a few orange food items left over.


Occupations really helped guide me, and planning ahead for the Islands is something which paid off but would take time during a non-solo game.


August 15th, 2018: A Feast for Loki

Crew Members: Zevvy, Yehuda, Shlomo, Eitan

Took longer than I had hoped, but everyone stuck through to the end.

A Feast for Odin

Yehuda – 94, Eitan – 85, Zevvy – 84, Shlomo – 63

Yehuda started with whaling, Shlomo towards pillaging and animals, Eitan trapping and pillaging, and I was whaling and exploring Shetland for early income. Eitan managed to fill his home board with all the bonuses, and had two sheds and a house but with a few -1 spaces left. He also emigrated a couple times and had a lot of cows. Yehuda had Iceland, two full long houses, and covered most -1 on his home board, as well as emigrations and a lot of Occupations. Shlomo had a lot of sheep and the English crown, mostly pillaged and raided the whole game. Managed to fill most of his home board but still had a good amount of -1 and not much other source of points. I had some -1 left on my home board, but had Shetland and Greenland filled in. I emigrated only once and had no houses.

Yes this game starts off confusing, but help someone out for a turn or two and its amazing to see them hit the ground running. Glad this beast is hitting the table now and again.

July 21st, 2018: Feast Before the Fast

Crew Members: Zevvy, Kevin

A Feast for Odin

Just the two of us this time, the Wood/Player + Ore action looking less attractive. This game I got three exploration boards and was able to fill each one pretty efficiently. I was getting lots of bonuses but was worried about the home board, since my islands weren’t actually worth that much. I emigrated once, and tried for pillaging but got terrible rolls, taking rune stones a few times…Kevin focused more on animals and hunting, and in the end no one broke 100. I had 99 and Kevin had 85 after a few minuses left over.

We almost played Puerto Rico, but the third player lost interest after the rules. Another was interested in reading the Odin rules, next time if we have a full afternoon I’m down to teach.

July 18th, 2018: Kevin’s Ultra-Feast

Crew Members: Zevvy, Kevin, Yehuda

Despire its size, this game doesn’t drag on too long, even with some amount of AP. Getting started can be tough, but then things ramp up.

A Feast for Odin

I figured since Yehuda already knew the game we could teach Kevin pretty quickly. I started with Proficient Hunter but didn’t use it until later, when I did a bunch of raiding. Kevin started with Whaling then moved towards Sheep. He had a bunch of occupations but didn’t play them, mostly useless. I didn’t have such useful occupations, but Yehuda was also getting rewarded every feast with Miller and had some other good ones. I took Iceland pretty early and had good income, and even emigrated a few times. I also took some longhouses and stone houses, though I played the Occupation for silver per house after having only one. Still, I somehow ended up with 142 points by mostly ignoring my home board until the end. I also took Newfoundland which is worth a lot of points.

So far, pillaging has seemed to be a very effective strategy, especially if no one else is taking things from the artifact board.

July 14th, 2018: I Hate the Market!

Crew Members: Zevvy, Kevin, Shlomo, Josh, Yehuda, Simcha, Layla

Got to make use of some great games this weekend. Mission accomplished.


After dinner, Kevin and I thought to play a quick game of Istanbul but it caught the eye of others and we easily got 5 players. After a brief overview we dived right in. I went for the Yellow mosque tile, Kevin for the red. Shlomo went last but was able to get a wagon upgrade early. He also got the first gem by from the dealer. Josh deftly navigated the market and did quite well upgrading his wagon and makign some efficient deliveries. He hit 2, then 3, but Kevin hit 4 just as I got my second. Thinking I had no hope of catching up, we at least slowed Kevin down by occupying the Gem dealer. He set out instead to finish his wagon but I used a bonus to sell at the small market and get my fourth at the dealer–the green token was stolen by Josh. I was one coin short from finishing my wagon but Shlomo had sent his family to the dealer, giving me just enough to finish my wagon. Kevin finished as well, but his payment to me made me win the tiebreaker with cash, though he had 3 goods and a bonus card.


I brought this thinking the space theme would interest more people, while hoping it wouldn’t get past four. With three people, Yehuda and Layla picked up the game pretty fast once I cut down my explaining. Layla got an early lead refining and mining a lot, with Green planets adding benefits. We had a lot of Execute actions in the impulse, not a lot of movement. I caught up by Trading a bit, but Layla sabotaged my fleet. Yehuda made first strike against me, but I got swift revenge. Though I traded some more and go to 16, in the end it was Layla’s refining the pushed her well over 20 points, claiming the win without a fight.

A Feast for Odin

Yehuda – 106, Zevvy – 100, Layla – 84, Simcha – 72

We were able to start this without too much explanation, and after me giving suggestions how to get started, pretty soon everyone had things they were trying, and deciphered the action spaces themselves. At first people stripped the mountains, then Yehuda used his ore to plunder early and often. Layla began whaling while Simcha had a hunting bonus and got some ships. I drew Animal Breeder and so got a bunch of animals around round 3, but it was only later that I converted them and got a bunch of blue good froms overseas trading. Simcha took Iceland and Greenland–great boards which gave him some oil and income but he was unable to cover them that much. Towards the end he upgraded a bunch of cows, but though he had almost ignored the home board until then, was able to cover a decent amount. He emigrated four Knarrs though, but had too much negative on the exploration. Layla finished her home board but didn’t have anywhere else, so her last few moves couldn’t make that many points. Yehuda also filled his home, and had his own emigration of three longboats. I had a bit of everything, covered my home board but had some negative on Bear Island and my Longhouse. It was a closer ending than it had seemed, and each little move mattered in the end.

I wouldn’t play Impulse with more because people would get bored between turns, yet I still want to play TI3 one day…slowly building people up, Games are like stepping stones, that’s why I have so many…at least that’s what I tell myself so I don’t notice the hole in my wallet…

June 24th, 2018: Midnight Feast

Crew Members: Zevvy

First official solo game of Feast for Odin. Starting profession Craft Leader. Never used its ability.

A Feast for Odin

  1. Opened with successful snare(2), flax to linen(1), mountain/upgrade(2), craft rune(1). This secured mead bonus and income 3.
  2. Next round I bought cow/sheep(4), sheep(3), and hunt(1). Secured ore bonus.

Got next cow, used mountains / weapons / upgrades to get longboat (had Helmsman to draw more weapons). Got Iceland, Dragonslayer, Chief, and in last round upgrades followed by overseas trading. Got Newfoundland, had two stone houses. Also got English crown (10 + 2 ore + 3 sword + stone). Final score 131.