August 23rd, 2016: It’s a trap!

Crew Members: David T., Zevvy, David M.

I made back to Haifa in time for a quiet evening. So to speak.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Not a board game, but we played this for a bit while waiting for others to show up. Only blew up once, but we didn’t get to “Needy Modules”.

Android: Netrunner

David played as the Jinteki corporation trying to stop me from Hacking all his Assets. I hit a trap early on, but managed to hack a couple assets from R&D before David had put up too many defenses. Unfortunately, I had no Sentry hacking programs and did not pick them the entire game. I did manage to hack David’s hand but on a 50-50 shot drew a trap instead of the last Asset I needed. On the last turn, David did put an Asset unguarded but I was impatient and was one card short of surviving a prior┬áRun.

7 Wonders

David T. – 52, David M. – 44, Zevvy – 44

The Davids both completed their wonder, and while David M. got 31 points for science, Military won the day here, as well as a lot of blue cards. I had a variety of points in every category and at least tied for second.

Having played 7 Wonders the night before with 5 players, the strategy is a bit a different.