May 20th, 2018: To the Last Breath!

Crew Members: Miriam, Daria, Zevvy, Nissim, Kevin, Lily, Elisheva

After a late lunch folks played games.

Ca$h ‘n Gun$

Daria, Nissim and Miriam decided to try something new, and had a blast. Daria got the godfather token and wouldn’t let it go, claiming loot every round. Even so, I had a decent amount of loot, but she still won 269 to 215 to 150 to 55. Nissim unfortunately got shot a lot, and though he healed up and survived, didn’t have much loot. Even still, he said this was the most fun game he’s played in Givat Shmuel. Impressive. Miriam had most diamonds, and also had to heal from two wounds, but made it to the end. We did not play another round with powers though.


Kevin and I played Innovation while the rest had what sounded like a lot of fun at Codenames. First game we added Cities of Destiny, and Kevin got a bit of a runaway game, as well as the Legend Achievement. I forgot about Endorsing until pretty late in the game, and it did allow me to get Wonder via splay and some other interesting effects, but I couldn’t catch up with Kevin’s lead.

Next we played with Echoes, and again Kevin got the lead though I claimed the 1 jsut before he stole all my points. Homing Pigeons kept me pretty low in points, but I got Destiny by Foreshadowing a lot with Liquid Fire, though Kevin got Supremacy with Novel. Fortunately, I stole Printing Press, drawing a purple 7 and jumping to Genetics level 9. This got me Bio-Engineering which I used the next turn to score Kevin’s leaves, reducing him to 2 leaves against my 3, claiming victory while he just needed the 6 achievement.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Miriam joined as Naturalist with me as Fixer and Kevin as Parse against Citizen Dawn. She got out Blinding Blast and Tears early, neutering our hands. Combined with her many Ongoings, it seemed hopeless. Fixer has no Ongoing control, Naturalist didn’t have Crafty Assault, and Parse only had Data Mining. By the time Parse got Segmentation Fault, we were all nearly dead. The Atlantean Throne room kept us alive a bit, but Parse got hit just as we were getting going. Fixed point led to Fixer and Naturalist having two styles / forms out for a bit, until Devastating Aurora ruined our setup. Not long later I was hit, despire Naturalists tanking. Still, Naturalist managed to survive until another Fixed point, and combined Crocodile / Gazelle began striking Dawn as fast as she could. Dawn was at 27 when the Aurora’s showed up again at the end of her deck, once again resetting our build up. Before Naturalist could get out enough defenses to survive until the next Fixed Point, she just barely was killed, leaving the Victory to the Citizens of the Sun.

A lot of people (myself included) got to enjoy new games this weekend. So often do people refuse to learn new games, but so rarely have I seen someone regret learning once they’ve committed to do so.


August 9th, 2016: Violence is the Answer

Crew Members: David T., Zevvy, Ruby, Juliana, David M.

And they say video games are violent…

Cash and Guns

We played the first game without powers, and Ruby and David M. managed to kill each other. I had a decent number of paintings but David T.and Juliana split the diamonds, though I came out on top with the most cash in the end

The second round we had powers, and though all four guns pointed at me the first round, I stayed in and no one actually shot me. Juliana was the Kid and chose her targets last, while David T. was Cunning and changed his bullets. While this put the rest of us in danger, Ruby was able to take 5 hits and if two people shot David he would dodge both bullets. I was just annoying as the Dictator, usually preventing David T. from taking a painting or medicine or something he needed. In a critical treasure split, David M. and Juliana were the only survivors, and David got a pile of diamonds which I think won him the game.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Zevvy – Scholar of the Infinite, David M. – Dark Visionary, David T. – Team Leader Tachyon, Ruby – K.N.Y.F.E

Villain: Kaargra Warfang – DEFEATED

Environment: Temple of Zhu Long

The Bloodsworn Colosseum appeared at the Temple, and our heroes were forced to fight or die. The first few gladiators gave us some trouble, picking on the Visionary while we got set up. But the Turmoil Visionary caused prevented Kaargra from doing her worst while I got some Flesh to Iron. Knyfe impressed the crowd with her flashy displays of Energy and Tachyon began nerfing the enemies with Hypersonic Assault,while keeping our hands flush. The Ressurection Ritual taking place threatened to bring back all our slain foes, but the True Form of Zhu Long was not to be revealed. After earning a few titles in the ring, our heroes had the crowds favor,and despite the Fickle Fans, we kept the enemies at bay long enough to takeout Kaargra before her gladiators swayed the crowd to their side.

Whether as teammates or enemies, violence is the answer. At least at board game night.

April 5th, 2016: Global warming? Who cares, I’m rich!

Crew Members: Zevvy, David, Nima, Martin, Misha

Ca$h ‘n Gun$

Martin brought this game back from a convention, and soon we were all pointing guns at each other. For cash. Martin stayed as the Godfather (who can point one gun away from him, and choose loot first) for most of the game, though David got a lot of diamonds in one round and ended up with more cash overall. The second game we used traits, Martin was Smart (gets bullets back for laying down), David was , Nima was Stealthy (able to steal 10K when laying down), and I was lucky (if shot twice, dodge both bullets). Extra bullets showed up early on, but I didn’t get them and ended up going through my bullets pretty quickly, though I did use my lucky power once. After running out of bullets I couldn’t bluff anymore, and though I had a lot of diamonds early, David had a round where he took all the loot, but it was mostly 5 K bills. I think everyone was Godfather at some point that game, and Nima actually won with a large amount of paintings and 20 K bills, with David’s diamond bonus still leaving him 6K behind Nima.

One round, as soon as we had all pointed our guns but before we shot, Misha called. It was perfect timing.

20th Century

The wheels of production are turning–too fast! Clean up all that garbage, or else! This game combines auctions and worker placement and resource management, with some technologies thrown into the mix that add some mechanics. Martin got a few early bids, which meant he didn’t have much garbage to deal with. David didn’t take much land at all at first, which meant he had less garbage but less income. Nima and Misha played pretty balanced, but in a 5 player game, taking the later bids left Misha with no small amount of garbage. I got a lot of land, some of it cheap, but with a lot of garbage.

Players must also be concerned for pollution, which can be offset by certain technologies. Fortunately I didn’t get too polluted, and game progressed I took plenty of tiles with recycling plants, which allowed me to keep up during the first partial scoring. Martin, Misha and Nima had good Science production which benefited them in the second partial scoring, though Misha often saved his science points at the expense of consigning himself to a low spot on the disaster each round. David began buying land once the stronger tiles came out, but was a bit behind.


When the final technologies came out, I was able to remove a good deal of garbage, and somehow had the second most cash and science (Nima had more cash than I did), which also counted for some points, squeaking out the victory. Misha had high point production, but all the garbage in the last round brought his score down significantly. Martin and Nima both had no garbage in the end, but I had almost twice as much land, and my Flower (non-pollution) level was high, netting a lot of points for what clean tiles i did have.

I wasn’t very good at Ca$h ‘n Gun$, but my greedy non-concern for the environment worked out in 20th Century. Martin actually donated Ca$h ‘n Gun$ to the game club so we can enjoy it in future meetings even if he is not there (thanks Martin!) He also suggested we play it on an airplane…