January 12th, 2018: What are you building?

Crew Members: Vered, Zevvy, Ariel

With a couple free hours Friday afternoon I went over to Vered since she had some other friends coming over anyway.


Zevvy – 64, Vered – 61, Ariel – 60

So I had played this once before almost a year ago, but Ariel refreshed me on the rules. Last time I played I barely contributed to the Castle, but focused more on the blue buildings. This game there wasn’t even an option to get Villas or Blue buildings until the very end, and no one got a blue one anyway. Though there were some opportunities to be a bit more cutthroat in the early game, for the most part no one got screwed over by the white pawn (Provost?). I took the ‘always pay only one coin slot’ from Ariel right away and held it for the rest of the game. There also wasn’t much gold during this game, though Vered got a bunch at the end with the Alchemy building. Though we all had some plans that didn’t quite work out (Royal Favor still confuses me) it was a very close game.

As expected, I stayed about 30 minutes later than I planned but made it home just fine before Shabbat. Glad I got to play this game again with good people.


February 19th, 2017: Can’t Decide!

Crew Members: Gabe, Gila, Zevvy, Ben, (Carly and Sara)


My roommates got an Xbox tonight, but nothing beats plastic and cardboard. And wood. Not much of a decision there…

Can’t Stop

Winner: Gabe

This game can be played with a bunch of dice and paper, but the official board and cone shaped markers make it easy to keep track of where everyone is. Players roll four dice and climb up to three slots at a time based on the pairs of numbers their dice can make. More probable numbers require more climbing to get to the top, and if a player cannot pair their dice to continue their current climb then all progress for their turn is lost.

Gabe got an early lead by starting the 12 and the 2, while Ben and Gila had trouble getting on the board. I had a few very low down on 6 7 and 8, so not close to the peak. Ben played safely for a while and make headway, eventually overtaking me on the 7, but Gabe had already completed the 2 and was closing in on the 10. Gila took several rounds before making it on the board but eventually overtook Gabe at the 11. But Gabe was too far ahead on other fronts and it wasn’t long before he had climbed three peaks and claimed victory.


Zevvy – 80, Gila – 79, Gabe – 78, Ben – 64

A worker placement game where players add actions to the board in the form of buildings which other players can use to each other’s mutual benefit. We played a slightly simplified version where favor is converted directly into 3 points instead of other material rewards.

20170219_232441.jpgBen led off with providing Stone Upgrades while Gabe provided the ability to build Mansions for extra income. Gila and Gabe focused on building the King’s palace early on, while Ben focused on money and buildings. Instead of point I was more focused on long term resource management for the expensive buildings at the end. Ben and I fought back and forth over the ability to place workers for 1 gold after others pass, and one round it really paid off for me when everyone else was short on cash. There was not too much cutthroat play in terms of moving the white disc back (which cuts off actions after it from being performed), but it did prevent some players from taking critical actions. Though Ben caught up by building a Blue Building worth 16 points and 2 income, I shot ahead by getting the 25 point building. Gabe and Gila stayed close behind, though they did not have much cash they had many raw materials to build the Palace. At the very end I build another Blue Building and contributed slightly to the Palace, pulling ahead by one point, while Gila was just one resource away from building another part of the Palace.

On Shabbat at Gabe’s I¬†played Dixit, but this is first time since we played Marco Polo that I got to play a real tabletop strategy game. Next time we have several hours to spend we’ll do Through the Ages, the one game¬†Martin told me about but which we never got to play in person. And we’ll get a timer for Gabe so we can finish before the next Solar Cycle :p