August 2nd, 2016: Just Desserts

Crew Members: Nuri, David T., Zevvy, Juliana, David M., Phil, David H., (Finbarr)

We had quite a full house tonight, and Nuri graciously fed us Napoleon cake, Waffle cookies, and Hobgoblin. But like Hansel and Gretel, we would soon learn the truth about The Black Witch (Nuri’s beer), and not everyone would survive….


We played concept while waiting for people to show up. For some reason we had a hard time guessing Juliana’s word “Karaoke”, but David T. saved the day. He also guessed my “Crossword Puzzle” and Nuri’s red, religious drink–Wine, of course…

Betrayal at the House on the Hill

Since we had a lot of players we went with Betrayal, and pretty soon we were exploring this creepy house. David H. lost his batteries and while looking for some help got taken to the basement with Nuri and her dog companion, where they met up with Phil. The Haunt was delayed quite a bit, but shortly after I swapped out with David M. the Haunt began. Nuri was the betrayer, and had voodoo dolls of each of us. We had to find the dolls before Nuri killed too many of us. After giving each player a clue, she also revealed that all the necessary rooms had been discovered, but it was still a race against time (and Nuri’s psychotic desire to now kill all her former friends). When all but one doll had been found, David H. gave dynamite to Juliana who tossed it into the room with Nuri and David M., but while it finished of David, Nuri was still breathing. The game ended at that point with half the players dead, though technically Nuri had to kill more than half, it as quite a long and spooky game.

Sushi Go

Game 1: David H. – 34, Zevvy – 26, Nuri – 25., Phil – 24, David M. – 19

New players picked this up pretty quick, and David H. had a breakaway with Dumplings, while Nuri and I fought over Sashimi and both lost out. David H. also managed to get one pudding, saving him from -6 points at the end and winning with a good lead.

Game 2: Nuri – 39, David M. – 35, Phil – 34, David H. -25, Zevvy -24

Most of the pudding got used up early, and I gave David M. the last pudding, but Nuri still won, having gotten Sashimi and the Squid Wasabi combo, as well as some Dumplings. In the last round David h. and I had a Maki war which he won, and though he was stuck with the least pudding  he still had more points that I did.

David T. spent most of the night helping us make characters–as of now we will have a Wizard, Druid and Warlock–a spell heavy group.


March 31st, 2016: Where are all the dinosaurs?

Crew Members: Zevvy, David, Nuri

Where is everyone? It must be the end of the world! Planet X is coming for us!


We started with Concept, which David hadn’t played before. A lot of movie titles we’re chosen, and some of the level 3 expressions were easier to guess, like Fast as Lightning and even Getting Your Sealegs (I kept saying ‘water-legs’, unable to remember the term until doing a salty pirate accent).

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Zevvy – Unity (Incapacitated),  David – Parse (Incapacitated), Nuri – The Scholar (12)

Villain – Deadline: HEROES DEFEATED by Environment Destruction

Environment: Insula Primalis

After Baron Blade’s defeat, the imbalance of the tides attracted the attention of the Eco-Vandal Deadline, who must save humanity from destroying the environment–by destroying it for them!

Parse’s data processing skills allowed us to avert a few Catastrophes early on, and The Scholar acted more as a damage dealer at first due to lack of Elemental Forms. Unity got out a few Bee Bots as well and kept the environment under control, though not before some Primordial Plant life destroyed her bots. Deadline wasn’t too punishing at first, and his environment destruction actually got rid of those pesky plants for us. Who cares about wiping out endangered ancient species…

Eventually the heroes were set up to start taking down Deadline, with Parse’s laser targeting setting up The Scholar and Cryo-Bot to do some serious damage. But at the last second, Deadline’s Catastrophes overwhelmed us, taking out Parse and Unity in two quick rounds. The Scholar transmuted his Flesh to Iron, and was holding on as more of the environment was stripped away. When Deadline was down to only 4 HP, it seemed he would be defeated in the nick of time, but his Pandemonium Key brought out the last Catastrophe he needed to destroy the last two environment cards, bringing all of Insula Primalis to ruin and making all of it’s dinosaurs extinct.

Deadline succeeded in destroying the dinosaurs, which may actually seem helpful for humanity. But there was something else on that island that survived, and as the sands of time passed, it would soon rise to take its place of the dinosaurs as the most fearsome predator humanity had ever seen…

Forget what those space people say. Who needs the digital age when we have cardboard and plastic? And they said the dinosaurs were extinct…they are alive and well at board game gatherings everywhere.


November 5th, 2015: Three is Better than Two

Crew Members: Nuri, Zevvy, Roman

Though unfortunately many people could not make it, we still managed to maintain continuity. Another member has officially been involved, so our group continues to thrive. Not only did Nuri provide snacks and games, but dinner as well for one hungry Roman.


This is a creative game where players must suggest very specific words or phrases using a variety of generic concepts. We each took turns trying to get the other two people to guess our word correctly. Some of the concepts, like the ‘1’ and ‘0’ concept caused some confusion, but once we succeeded with some simple words like ‘Volcano’ and ‘Penguin’ we moved on to more difficult ones like ‘Werewolf’ and ‘Killing Time’. Unfortunately I could not succesfully convey the phrase ‘Raining Cats and Dogs’ despite the presence of the large black Newfoundland lying on the floor.


Nuri – Quarantine Specialist, Zevvy – Medic, Roman – Contingency Planner

First play for Roman, though I had never succeeded in this game before, so we played with only 3 infection cards. Nuri began with a Government Grant, which combined with Roman’s role gave us two early research stations, which was very helpful for containing the early diseases. Especially since our first two outbreaks showed up fairly close to one another. We quickly cured the Blue disease, but the threat of the Red and Yellow diseases was increasing. Nuri was able to control the Red disease from outbreak, but we let the Yellow get dangerously closed to Outbreak, confident that the last infection would not show up until we found the cure. In the end, we successfully cured the Yellow and Red diseases, but had not picked so many black cards. Fortunately, the last infection card did not show up and we managed to cure the Black disease after Eradicating the Yellow disease.

Incidentally, we also discussed management policy, dog shoes, and the postal system. I think we have the makings of a new board game here…