December 23rd, 2015: The Cake is Not a Lie

Crew Members: Nuri, Zevvy, Josh, Roman, David

So far there has been פנים חדשים, a new face, at every meeting. My roommate Josh joined us for a game, a drink, and an introduction to Finbarr.

Sushi Go

Nuri – 54, Josh – 50, Roman – 48, Zevvy – 36

Back in the day we ate sandwiches and played Gamewright’s Slamwich. Now it’s all about sushi. We taught Josh and Roman who picked it up quickly. Josh scored high in the first round, completing a Sashimi, Nigiri, and tying with me for Maki. Roman had some dumplings and got out a lot of early pudding. I didn’t pay too much attention to Nuri’s cards, but she had some Tempura. Next round I failed to get three Sashimi, as Josh scored high again with two Squid Nigiri.


In the last round there was a ton of Maki, and Roman easily won those six points with seven Maki rolls. It seemed Josh was the winner, but in the final tally, he lost 6 points by having no pudding. Having even one pudding would have tied him with Nuri, who would have split the loss with him. Rookie mistake – always save room for desert!

(If you don’t eat your Sushi, you can’t have any Pudding!)


Roman – Contigency Planner, Nuri – Scientist, David – Medic, Zevvy – Researcher

We played with 4 infection cards, since everyone had played the game before. Roman started with Government grant, giving us two research stations for easy transport. There were no Yellow disease cubes, but many Black and some Red. We drew our first epidemic, but with Forecast we were able to stall and minimize the damage. Fortunately, we cured and eradicated the Red disease quite handily, but drew two more epidemics in quick succession, leading to some unavoidable outbreaks. David kept things under control and we had removed two Black cities from the discard pile, which was crucial.

Nuri managed to get four Black cards and cured that disease. We had few blue cards, and no real presence in the Yellow countries in order to swap cards. As the Researcher, I kept drawing Black and Red cards after they were cured, so they were only good for travel. Though there was only one epidemic left in the deck, we had to watch the number of cubes, as well as figure out how to get all the cures before the deck ran out. We hatched a plan to get David five Yellow cards, but we were still short on Blue. With eleven cards left in the deck on my turn, we had one round left to win, and realized that Roman would have to cure the Blue disease.

Then our heroes stopped to eat some Dragon-shaped Lemon-cake.

When the epidemic hit, we had fortunately had time to reduce all cities down to at least two, except the new city that got hit, Baghdad. Not to take any chances, I went to treat it, at the expense of giving away my blue card. Luckily, Roman drew the Airlift event and a Blue card, allowing him to fly Nuri to his city, grab the card, and find the cure, with one card left in the deck. Had we not played with four epidemics, the deck would have run out. (Though we would likely have found the cure earlier without having to worry about breakouts as much).


Cthulhu Fluxx

It’s like regular Fluxx…only with more Doom! The first few rounds, Nuri and David only had goals, while I got out a couple Investigator Keepers. The ‘Play 2’ rule came out, so we were just playing our hands until ‘Draw 4’ appeared. The card ‘Cosimc Instructions’ came out, which forces players to put out any ‘Un-Goal’ they have, but no one had any. Rules were reset, and Nuri seemed to have a plan, with the Necronomicon and the Elder Sign, though that Goal had been discarded, perhaps she could have returned it. But planning ahead in Fluxx is never a sure thing. She played a card which brought back ‘Cosmic Instructions’, so on my turn I had to play my ‘Un-Goal’ which causes Doom to win if the Necronomicon or Fungus are out, which they were. Though ‘The Feds’ could have taken out the Fungus, the Necronomicon wasn’t going anywhere. Doom wins!

As important as it is to save the world from disease (even Tehran), our heroes learned their lesson about saving room for desert. Finbarr insisted on getting some attention as well. It is by his power alone that Doom is barred from entering this material plane. And by power I mean saliva.