March 15th, 2016: 4 Ex – Explain, explain, explain, explain (expansion).

Crew Members: Zevvy, David, Martin

Martin brought over what is branded as a 4 Ex game. The 4 should stand for number of hours it takes us to play such games. Learning the rules and setup only took an hour though which was pretty good, though games like this often require checking the rule book for explanations of specific situations.


Zevvy – 43, David – 42, Martin – 33

In the early stages, David got pretty lucky exploring, and did a lot of research, which was his race’s specialty. I picked up Orbital technology early on and built one every round, which supplemented my production. My ability to trade 2:1 also helped a lot. Martin also got some good explores, but didn’t connect to the middle as early as myself and David. It was only after a few rounds that we started buying battle technology, and I was the first to defeat some aliens. David and I formed diplomatic relations, but Martin conquered the Galactic Center and in the last few rounds, there was a lot of tension and a bit of an arms race. I didn’t have a Tachyon source like Martin and David, so my ships couldn’t pack as much fire power, but I loaded up my Space Stations with┬áMissles and in the end swapped one territory with Martin. David didn’t fare as well and lost a 3 point planet. After receiving points for the battles, the final score was very close, with David only one point behind me, and everyone just barely paying off their upkeep for the last round. David filled up all of his technologies, and I filled up two categories thanks to the expansion technologies.

We played with some pieces of the expansion which add technologies, which definitely add choice and change the game. Next time maybe we’ll try different races and the rest of the expansion tiles.