September 15th, 2016: Rough Draft

Crew Members: David W., Zevvy, David T., David M.


I arrived first and played a round of Patchwork with David W. I took a lot of risks leaving some holes which I did manage to fill, but David got the 7×7 bonus first. Though I only had three empty spaces at the end, David managed to fill in all but six with his last move, and won by two points.


After David T. showed up we played a round of Farkle, with David W.’s usual luck giving him a big lead. With the house rule of continuing the previous player’s turn, David T. was able to ride the wave a bit while I was not, and neither of us could not overtake David W. before he topped 10,000.


Our second time trying this game, this time with four players. We were still constantly checking the rule book. Though I lost my transports early, I had a good plan and mining operation going. David M. got some points trading, and David T. built up his fleet. After an hour only a few turns had gone by, and when David T. lost most of his cruisers in a tie battle we decided to move on to something else. Unlike other Carl Chudyk games we’ve played, players can actually be eliminated here, and the number of actions each player takes keeps increasing, making it feel much slower than Innovation or Mottaini.

7 Wonders

David W. was Babylon and got a lot of Science points, but he and David M. had to contend with me as Rhodos, defeating them in military each round. David T. as Alexandria managed to overtake his neighbors in military in the final round but my combined points from Military and my Guilds as well as the cash I got from my neighbors put me in the lead even over David W.’s scientific progress.

Las Vegas

There were some lone high bills in the early round, and competition between David W. and David M. left only one on top. David T. and I were tied in the middle rounds, and while David M. did his best to get revenge, David W.’s luck with the dice won him the cash he needed to stay on top, though David T. and I were not far behind.


June 28th, 2016: Lucky Stars

Crew Members: Zevvy, David W., David M.

It was a still night. Nothing excited happened whatsoever.


Winner – David

David taught me this simple dice game which I’ve seen for sale in stores, but all you need is 6 dice. Certain combinations are worth points and you keep rolling and setting aside used dice until you decide to stop or get no points for a roll. We played with a house rule that allows you to copy the previous player’s points but using only whatever dice are leftover which they did not want to risk. David got a lot of good combos early on, and though I caught up a bit he said it was one of the fastest games he’s played.

Can’t Stop

Winner – Zevvy

Another simple dice game, David drew a board on a piece of paper with bins for the numbers 2-12. Roll four dice and make two pairs, and start climbing. The spots to climb in each bin followed the binomial distribution, though in the published version some near the center might require more rolls. You can keep rolling to climb three numbers at a time, and either choose to stop and save your progress in those columns or fail to roll one those numbers and lose your progress for that turn. David got the 12 and 11 columns early on, but I overtook him in the 7 column just in time. I had saved progress on many of the central numbers, and won by getting to the top of 8 and 4 I think in one round.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

David M. – The Sentinels, David W. – Absolute Zero, Zevvy – Setback

Villains: Baron Blade, Proletariat, Fright Train – DEFEATED

Environment: Wagner Mars Base

When his plan to collide the moon into the Earth failed, Baron Blade realized he chose the wrong heavenly body–too obvious, right? So he teamed up with the Russians to build a base on Mars to set it on a collision course with the Earth. Fortunately our heroes were there to stop them.

Baron Blade set up his defenses, so we focused on Proletariat, the Idealist’s psychic abilities able to identify the original and avoid simply hitting his clones. Absolute Zero began setting up his modules, and Setback took some Friendly Fire, increasing his unlucky pool. The heroes had a slow start, especially with the Pervasive Red Dust destroying AZ’s equipment, but Dr. Medico kept us in good health. But while Baron Blade plotted, Fright Train and Proletariat began hitting harder and harder. Our heroes would not be able to survive much longer when — BOOM! Meteors began striking the planet left and right, providing a temporary ceasefire. When the right moment came, Absolute Zero was ready to strike — BOOM! More meteors! Eventually, Proletariat’s games came to frosty end at AZ’s hands, provided with some fuel from a convenient Fire in the Biosphere.

At this point Writhe had become the enemy’s priority target, which was bad news for them as he confounded our foes, causing them to strike themselves! Setback was ready for some high risk behavior, and together the heroes took out Fright Train. Baron Blade proved tough, and his accomplices took out Setback and the Idealist, but luckily Setback was protected by the Silver Lining and Dr. Medico was able to revive the Idealist. After destroying all his devices, our heroes quickly sabotaged the place and left as an Oxygen Leak left Baron Blade incapacitated, his maleficent plot foiled once again.

Yep. Nothing exciting here on Earth. A still night.