March 7th, 2016: Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Crew Members: Zevvy, Martin, David, Nima, Roman

This is likely the last meeting at HaNamal 21 for now, as I am moving this week. Hopefully we can still find a convenient way for locals and non-locals to attend gatherings. Our group is large enough that we have enough regulars and semi-regulars to always have a decent showing.

Get Bit!

Zevvy (Winner), Nima, David, Martin

We started with a quick friendly game where players try to be the last one not to have their limbs bit off by a shark. Players take turns placing numbers, trying to be the lowest so they can move forward, but if two players place the same number, you don’t move. A little strategy, a little luck, and with one arm dangling from my side I was the last one not eaten. I guess that makes me the winner?

Power Grid

Nima – 15 (Winner), Zevvy – 15, Martin – 14, Roman – 14, David – 12

We played on the Germany side this time, which is a little more compact but with some more expensive connections. Nima picked up the game pretty quickly, and expanded in his side of the map without competition. Martin and I got pretty cheap starting areas, and David got stuck in the middle. Roman had space at the bottom, but didn’t expand beyond two cities for a while. He did get a few Windmills and when he did expand suddenly he was able to power everything easily. While I was the first to reach seven cities along with Nima, my power plants weren’t the most efficient. Since it took us relatively long to reach Phase 2, the same round Phase 3 had already begun.


Nima, I must mention, if an Oleh from Iran, and usedIMG_20160307_224004522 a lot of Oil for his power plants, though in the end he had two Windmills. David was actually the Uranium leader, with two nuclear plants, though Martin outbid me for the coveted Fission plant, which destroys Mass and turns it into Energy for six cities (that’s why they’re called weapons of Mass destruction, right?) I had some pretty efficient Oil plants, and Roman had some windmills and a hefty Garbage plant. In the end, Nima and I both powered 15 cities, but he had 44 Electrum to my 41, just barely snagging the victory.

This may have been the ‘last’ meeting at HaNamal, but it certainly wasn’t the ‘worst’. Until next time!