January 5th, 2019: Primer

Crew Members: Zevvy, Odel

So we didn’t actually play many games fully through, but my wife was interested in seeing different games, wondering if any might be good for a group of six 9th graders on the autistic spectrum.

We played the first level of Magic Maze, which is fast, up to 8 players, and can be scaled to the player’s ability levels. It requires co-operation and non-verbal communication. However, unless all players clearly understand the goal and rules, they can be left feeling like they don’t know what is expected of them.

Kings of Israel seemed interesting because of the Biblical Theme, but for someone new to this style of co-op games, there is a lot going on. It’s also not a very balanced or easy game, compared to Forbidden Island for instance.

Sushi Go can accommodate many players and is both simple to learn and play. This one could be a hit.

SET is probably the perfect game, both visual and intuitive (Odel figured out what constitutes a SET without even having to explain it). This one is #1 recommended on a list on BGG for children with ASD.

Jaipur was a bit more confusing, also only for 2 players. Simple set collection game but if one is completely new to games, not entirely intuitive.

Kingdomino could also be good, the game play and scoring is simple but someone needs to enforce the placement rules.


September 5th, 2018: Top of the Food Chain

Crew Members: Zevvy, Shlomo, Eitan

We started with some refreshments and appetizers, then moved on to the main course. And boy was it filling.


We weren’t sure who was coming so we played a quick round, Shlomo won with 40, mostly from a four crown lake. Eitan was one point behind, while I had only 20 something, none of my regions bearing more than one crown save a small swamp.

Isle of Skye

Scoting was for Oxen on Roads to caste, Mountains, Brochs, and vertical segments of 3. Shlomo got an early lead with the Oxen while I collected Brochs early. This got me a lot of points in later rounds, while Eitan and I both had columns as well. Shllomo didn’t have mountains or columns, and fell behind while I pulled ahead of Eitan. I also doubled my Sheep scroll, winning with 70 something to eitan’s 60ish, and Shlomo mid 40s.

Food Chain Magnate

At first I was apprehensive about bringing this out, especially since Shlomo was hungry for real food. It started a bit slow, but once things started to sell the interest was palpable. Eitan got many of the early milestones, but once we started advertising a bit I undercut him on a lot of early sales. Shlomo was the only one to build a new restaurant, and got a Coach before I got my Guru. He was primed to take advantage of our advertising. 20180905_232859.jpgI placed a lemonade airplane but didn’t consider the order of the houses and ran out of lemonade, while Shlomo made a ton off my garden house. Eitan also marketed, but didn’t get to sell too much. While Eitan and I both geared up for massive advertising near the end of game, Shlomo just got Chef’s and Trucks and outsold us all, the lack of lemonade from Eitan upgrading his Errand boy to a Cart Operator with not enough range screwed him over. Shlomo and I both got $100 first, but he ended with $450 something to my $250, while Eitan didn’t even break 100. The Reserve cards were 2x $200 and $100.

I had been thinking a lot about FCM and glad we played. Eitan said he wants to play again ASAP, so hopefully Shabbat afternoon we can make that happen.

August 22nd, 2018: Judgment to their gods

Crew Members: Zevvy, Kevin, Eitan, Yehuda, Shlomo

I wasn’t sure how many we’d be so I set up Keyflower, but as people filtered in and it was getting late, we went for one of our old go-to games instead. And it was epic.


Kevin, Eitan and I played this quick game while waiting for the others to show up. Eitan got a nice chunk of Mines but not much else, while I had a decent forest and lake, but not a lot of crowns. Kevin had two good sections with a few crowns each and won in the high 30s to Eitan’s low 30s and my high 20s. Not a very high scoring game but we all had our castles in the center.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

The Ennead was out in force on Advanced. Geb, Shu, Set, Osiris and Nephthys followed shortly by Atum, Isis, Tefnut and finally Nuit. The Naturalist spent some time as the Rhino getting set up before switching to Crocodile when we were ready to attack. Fixer had Jack handle and Tiger Claw for some spread damage, but at pretty soon the Villains were healing too quickly. Set was injured but we made sure to take out Nuit first. With Grease Gun in play though, Setback had the chance to do 20 damage to Set, taking him out in a round where we were protected. Everyone playing cards each round was quite helpful, though it forced me to Turn Loose as Scholar, dealing a decent blow but discarding my tanking cards for the following round. Setback and Naturalist took heavy blows before Haka could get out Ground Pound. Naturalist’s Cornered Beast and Predator’s Eyes helped us take out Osiris and Nephthys, but even with some Offensive Transmutation on Geb, the lowest HP villains ended up finishing of Naturalist. Setback stayed alive thanks to Silver Lining, and soon got out Wrong Time, Wrong Place for some high-risk defense. While Fixer’s ability to redirect self-inflicted damage was keeping him alive, Set forced him to replace his tool and style, and soon he was also incapacitated. However, this let Haka get his Taiaha back after Ancient Magicks destroyed some of our setup.


Throughout the game, Dominion had been giving card draw to Prime Wardens Haka, who had tried Shielding Fixer, and now was ready to boost Setback. Vitality surges also kept him healthy and Ground-Pound gave us the time we needed for Setback to begin Looking Up. With a 13 damage punch followed by Scholar’s Grace Under Fire, Tefnut fell. Positive Energy Field healed us a bit before Negative Energy field began damaging Geb. Thanks to Nuit shuffling the Environment Trash, the Portal Fiend’s were never a threat, but the Spinning Vortex was still a hazard. With our health dwindling, Yehuda put on some final battle music as we raced to take out Geb before our luck ran out. Redirecting the Ethereal Bonds to Geb locked him down while we dealt the finishing blow, defeating the Ennead once and for all.

Afterwards, Shlomo and Eitan stuck around for a quick bout with Iron Legacy. Omnitron quickly got out his Ablative Plating, keeping him from taking too much damage at once. Together with K.N.Y.F.E. Rogue Agent and Tempest’s nemesis damage, we got Iron Legacy to flip after two rounds, but K.N.Y.F.E. had taken quite a beating. Timeshift and Infiltration were critical in circumventing the Leaking Room. But when the Kraken showed up it wasn’t long before K.N.Y.F.E. was dragged to the briny depths. Omnitron Bio-Engineered the first tentacle, but when another showed up there was no time to act. However, thanks to the extra use of my power and Omnitron absorbing the blows, we managed to get Iron Legacy down to 10 while we had 11, diverting the Kraken’s attention. Though the Mystical Defenses were activated, we kept beating on Iron Legacy for a couple more rounds until he finally went under.

Definitely the right choice to go with Sentinels in the end over five first-timers trying Keyflower at 830 at night…now that we’re ready for Advanced mode the stories and interactions tonight were pretty awesome!

May 19th, 2018: I’m Ron Burgundy?

Crew Members: Zevvy, Nechama, Orit, Cal, Kevin, Jonathan

Indeed, castles of Burgundy happened. And other games.

Castles of Burgundy

Since it was everyone’s first game, we all played on Board 1. Orit went first and Cal last, but the two of them took most of the early ships. Cal got a tech that gave points for each good type sold. I got three mines in the first year, along with a tech that gives a worker for each mine, but Nechama started a massive pig farm. Though I seemed to have an early lead by filling in all my Castles in one turn, Nechama zoomed ahead with pigs (and goats), and it wasn’t until year 4 when everyone caught up around 150-160 points. But as I filled in all my cities I pulled ahead again, as Nechama ran out of viable scoring options. I also began my boats, and on the very last turn of the game I was first player. After post game scoring I had 220 something, Nechama and Cal both broke 200 and Orit wasn’t far behind around 180.

7 Wonders

First round Necham chose Halikarnassos and got 58 points, but Kevin beat her with 59 as Olympia, taking a lot of blue cards. Orit was close with 52 thanks to tons of Science, but lost a lot of military. Jonathan was Giza B, but didn’t build past wonder level one, and I had 50 points as Ephesos B, with one science set.

Next game I was Giza B and bought all my resources cheap from Jonathan as Babylon B. Kevin was Rhodes but got attacked quite a bit, and only built his wonder in age III. He built a ton of blue though, but I got the Magistrate’s Guild for 11 points. Nechama had decent science but was competing with her immediate neighbor Orit as Alexandria. Jonathan completed a set thanks to his wonder. I played an Arena after finishing my wonder though getting many coins, and in the end had a huge lead with 70 points.


Played a few rounds of this the night before with Nechama and Orit, and this time Jonathan joined. We didn’t use any special scoring. The night before my final round I got 44 points for a massive lake. With 4 player all the tiles were used, so I actually saw the distribution. While the decisions aren’t as involved as Isle of Skye or Castles of Burgundy, this game provides tile laying satisfaction with minimal commitment and effort.

While I was out for a bit they played Yaniv also. I am very glad to have experienced Castles of Burgundy–it’s a game I bought without having played, but purely based on recommendation. Cal said he’d definitely play again, and of course Nechama won’t stop playing a game until she wins at least once

May 17th, 2018: Too Quick

Crew Members: Zevvy, Shlomo

It’s been a while since anyone in the other group was available, and we were supposed to be three, but Orit couldn’t make it in the end. But I’ll never turn down games.


Having refreshed a bit with this game over Pesach against my sister, I was able to win the first game by a large lead. Many of the sets involved difference in all categories, which I find easier sometimes. The second game Shlomo got a good start, and the result was much closer, me winning by only 3 sets.


Having picked this up a while ago because I heard it was quick to learn, teach, and play, for all ages, we gave it a go. It’s tile laying in its simplest form, yet interesting enough even with two players. I won 36 to 30, but I’m sure next time we could both score much higher. There are additional scoring rules suggested but they all seem like unnecessary ‘win-more’ effects.

One Deck Dungeon

We continued our campaign as Paladin and Archer, this time against the Yeti. As usual, the early game was tough, but our skills from the last two rounds helped out. I excelled at traps while Shlomo had combat abilities, but we saw almost no 4+ exp encounters until the second floor. I had a good variety of Dexterity abilities, while Shlomo had a mix of Magic and Strength, so we handled almost everything pretty well. We did have to use up our potions after a couple rough encounters, but faced the boss at Level 4 with one potion and 3 skills and items each. The first round against the Yeti I had to discard a lot of dice, but the rest were good rolls and we covered all boxes. The second round we had to take some damage, but over-killed the Yeti by two points.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

We played as Sky-Scraper, Haka, Nightmist and Unity against Kaargra. She entered the arena right away, and the villains got an early favor lead. Then Nightmist used oblivion, resulting in a chain reaction of claiming Titles to do more damage to defeat more enemies to gain several favor in one blow. This left the heroes a bit battered, but Haka also had The Seeker, and we could usually kill any Gladiator that came out. Kaargra was catching up though, and Unbreakable, so with Provacator Tarnis protecting her it was still a race to defeat her before 20 favor. Once Sky-Scraper went huge and Unity got some bots, we took her down with over 30 favor just in time, the Villains falling a few short of victory.

Every time I think I’ve played all my games, I forget something…Castles of Burgundy arrived from China today, hopefully will play over the long weekend.