October 27th, 2015: A (7) Wondrous First Meeting

Crew Members: Ofer, Zevvy, Abi, Roman, Denis, Oran

Thank G-d, our first meeting at Ofer’s was a great success, once everyone found the place. We had an abundance of snack food thanks to everyone who brought. Looking forward to many more meetings and gaming!

7 Wonders

Roman: Gizah – 60, Zevvy: Babylon – 60, Ofer: Ephesos – 56, Oran: Olympia – 47, Abi: Rhodes 43, Denis: Alexandria – 34

First time for everyone except Ofer and myself. Roman had strong military early, and a good number of blue cards and a couple Guilds. I had 36 points in the sciences, though made a mistake playing two of the same card. Abi also had strong military and blue cards, but with a strong neighbor didn’t make as many victories as Roman. Denis had points in the most variety of colors, but none strong enough to bring up his score. Oran also had decent military and blue cards. Ofer started strong with may Yellow trading abilities and some military. Everyone built their wonders to level 3.



Ofer, Zevvy, Abi – 17 (Crowd Pleasing!)

We needed a short game so Abi could head home. First time for everyone but Ofer. We started off well enough, using our hints and not making any guesses. Got lucky on several discards. But by the end we could not sustain our hints, and only managed to get one color to level 5. In the end it was a decent score, and we all had fun.


Oran 39, Roman 29, Denis 27

I am not familiar with the game, but it lasted after 7 Wonders until the end of the night. First time for Roman and Denis I think, they enjoyed.


Summoner Wars

Ofer – Benders: Victory, Zevvy – Dwarves: Defeat

Denis tells me we picked the hardest two factions to begin. Ofer had played before. I got an early lead as my Dwarves were simply sturdier than the Benders. But Ofer had a creature which could convert my units and began to overwhelm me. I walled up my Summoner but it was a downhill battle, especially since I let Ofer convert many of my units instead of killing them myself.

TowerFall Ascension

Ofer, Zevvy

Okay, this isn’t a board game but it was a lot of fun. First couple rounds were very close, I got jumped on a lot. Then we turned off seeking arrows. Ofer won on the map with the bomb arrows, and I won with the laser arrows.