September 15th, 2016: Rough Draft

Crew Members: David W., Zevvy, David T., David M.


I arrived first and played a round of Patchwork with David W. I took a lot of risks leaving some holes which I did manage to fill, but David got the 7×7 bonus first. Though I only had three empty spaces at the end, David managed to fill in all but six with his last move, and won by two points.


After David T. showed up we played a round of Farkle, with David W.’s usual luck giving him a big lead. With the house rule of continuing the previous player’s turn, David T. was able to ride the wave a bit while I was not, and neither of us could not overtake David W. before he topped 10,000.


Our second time trying this game, this time with four players. We were still constantly checking the rule book. Though I lost my transports early, I had a good plan and mining operation going. David M. got some points trading, and David T. built up his fleet. After an hour only a few turns had gone by, and when David T. lost most of his cruisers in a tie battle we decided to move on to something else. Unlike other Carl Chudyk games we’ve played, players can actually be eliminated here, and the number of actions each player takes keeps increasing, making it feel much slower than Innovation or Mottaini.

7 Wonders

David W. was Babylon and got a lot of Science points, but he and David M. had to contend with me as Rhodos, defeating them in military each round. David T. as Alexandria managed to overtake his neighbors in military in the final round but my combined points from Military and my Guilds as well as the cash I got from my neighbors put me in the lead even over David W.’s scientific progress.

Las Vegas

There were some lone high bills in the early round, and competition between David W. and David M. left only one on top. David T. and I were tied in the middle rounds, and while David M. did his best to get revenge, David W.’s luck with the dice won him the cash he needed to stay on top, though David T. and I were not far behind.


June 21st, 2016: From Riches to Rags

Crew Members: Zevvy, David M., Nima, David W.

It was so hot, but David W. brought over some new games to distract our minds.

Isle of Skye

David W. – 85, Zevvy – 84, David M. -71, Nima – 59

Scoring takes place in four categories over six rounds. Players buy and sell tiles each round to add to their clan, trying to maximize the points they will score. In the first round both Davids forgot to save money for buying land and were forced to buy their own tiles while Nima and I did business with each other. The second scoring category was “squareness”, which I had trouble with until closer to the end of the game. I think everyone managed to get at least one boat and lighthouse combination for the third scoring, worth 3 points each. But the 4th scoring was 5 points for every farm, lighthouse and tower, which David W. had been preparing for. Luckily I managed to complete a second set just in time, and ended up getting a lot of points for those rounds. David W. had a lot of oxen that weren’t being scored, but in the last round got a tile scoring points for his oxen. After counting points for leftover coins, he overtook me by one point.


Las Vegas

David M. – Victory with $410,000

Throw your dice and try to win big, choosing a number to invest in! If you have the most of a specific number  after five rolls, you get first dibs at the cash on the associated casino. But in case of a tie, no one wins. After the first round Nima and I both had a solid lead, and I didn’t do bad in the second round either, picking up $70,000. David W. didn’t do so well so he had more fun trying to force ties so people would lose money. The addition of ‘neutral’ dice made every roll interesting and put more pressure on close matches. Despite heavy opposition (especially from Nima), David M. ended up winning a lot of money the last two rounds, bringing in victory.



Zevvy – 7, David M. – 4

David M. stuck around to play a 2-player game that David W. brought. It was an interesting game where we take turns adding pieces to a quilt, trying to leave as few holes as possible…it’s a lot more fun than it sounds though. The game starts off kind of slow, but by the end we usually had more than enough buttons to buy more expensive pieces. I managed to pick up the 2×1 piece that I needed, and though David got more of the bonus patches his quilt was left with more holes at the top than mine. He did have higher button production, but bought a lot of expensive pieces near the end, so I won by three buttons.


I think next time we need an ice-cube or swimming pool themed game.