January 19th, 2016: You Reap What You Sow

Crew Members: Zevvy, Liz, Martin, David, Roman

Back to regular meetings, and we actually played and finished two games this time!


David – 40, Roman – 18, Martin – 17, Zevvy – 12, Liz – 9

In each round, players select a role and then try to build districts in their city. Liz got an early jump start with the Merchant, but was attacked by the Warlord the following round. The value of a building is equal to its cost, so my few expensive buildings were worth more than Roman’s collection of cheap buildings. Martin played several Purple buildings which have special abilities, most notably the Ballroom which required players to respond “Thanks, your Excellency” if Martin called their role (a requirement at which I consistently [but perhaps, subconsciously, purposely] failed at).


David built steadily until he traded hands with Martin, apparently receiving a hand filled with the most expensive districts in the game. A few rounds later David ended the game by building his seventh district, claiming the four point bonus. Roman had a building of each color, granting him an additional three points, but David still won the game by a landslide.

Last Night on Earth

David – Johnny, Roman – Father Joseph, Zevvy – Jenny

Martin – Zombies!

This is a game based off zombie apocalypse themed B-Movies. One or two players control the zombies, and everyone else controls the heroes, trying to accomplish specific tasks. For our game we played the first mission: Kill 15 Zombies before sunrise.

Things did not start off so well. Jenny ran into the Cornfield, Revolver blazing, only to miss her target and run out of ammo. Father Joseph made his way to the Police Station to pick up a Shotgun, but his morals prevented him from using it. Johnny was left alone on the other side of the board, but no variety of weapons did him much good. In one last stand, he was able to kill some Zombies with a Meat Cleaver, but eventually was overrun behind the Diner. David then received a second character, Sally, who would turn out to have a bit more luck.

Meanwhile, Jenny had picked up the Shotgun from Father Joseph and with mild success blasted a few Zombies back to oblivion. Father Joseph found his Faith and with its power alone managed to take out a few Zombies as well.


Sally grabbed a Pitchfork and began stabbing away, her Lucky ability turning the tide in her favor more than once. The heroes managed to take out 13 Zombies, but it wasn’t long before the unarmed Father Joseph was overrun, leading to our second character death, one of the loss conditions for this scenario.

Speaking of Christian morality, there was also a moment when the Zombies cut the power to the Police Station, leaving Jenny and Father Joseph trapped together in the dark. So maybe the good Father got what he deserved.