August 30th, 2016: Works and Wonders

Crew Members: Zevvy, Ruby, David M.


Ruby – 44, Zevvy – 23

Another Carl Chudyk game, this time as monks with a little gallery and gift shop. Cards are used as actions to sell goods and produce works, granting special abilities. Though very few goods were sold, Ruby’s works allowed him to score backorders on almost all the materials, so though I beat him in Clay he won in everything else, and had 10 works while I only had a few.

Zevvy – 29, David – 20, Ruby – 13

The next game, David got a ton of metal and used Shuriken to steal from Ruby, nearly ending the game with the Tortoise (win if you have a work of each type). Instead he just drew out the deck and I had actually managed to sell and have back orders for Stone and Cloth, plus a decent number of works as well.

7 Wonders

Game 1: David M. – 55, Ruby – 48, Zevvy – 43

Game 2: Ruby – 53, Zevvy – 48, David – 44

As Babylon I was tempted to go for Science, but with three players its too easy to bury the science cards or not be able to build them. David had built most of the blue cards and did pretty well in Military, plus his wonder gave him a lot of points. The next game I was Ephesos and had more money than I needed, with cheap trade rates. Though I built a lot of blue cards and did okay in Military, even against Ruby’s Rhodos, I didn’t get too many Guilds, and ended up converting an Age II┬ácard to coins.The scores were similar to last game.