March 10th, 2018: Classic Crew

Crew Members: David M., Zevvy, David T.

With this trip to Haifa the blog retains the rights to its original name. Some new and some classic games with some classic folks.


Friday night we had some time before dinner, so I finally got to play Mottainai with someone. Even games where one person rushes, the score can be unpredictable thanks to back-orders. I almost had a turtle victory in one game, but it was faster to just end with a bunch of paper works. David did win the last game, where I had a ton on my craft bench but no time to sell. Very happy to have played this.

Stone Age

David – 187, Zevvy – 187

I picked this up from AliExpress cheap, knowing it was a classic but never having the right chance to play it. We played this before lunch while waiting for David T., and it was a blast. I managed to get fields and extra workers early, and more points off the first building. David seemed to be ahead in Green Tech cards but by the end I had 7 out of 8 and he had 4. I also had a lot of builders so the race for buildings brought the end of the game rather than cards. Turns out my instructions have a bad translation, and we should have put out more cards. Also missed the rule that resources count 1 point each, but didn’t affect the great fun of the game play. Definitely need to teach this to more people now that I know how to play.


We also squeezed in a game of Innovation. Clothing helped me rush the first two Achievements, after which David stole my points and got to 3 and 4 before me. In mid-game, I used Coal and Canning to get 5 and 6, but destroyed most of my cards in the process. It was a tense back and forth race to get 7, but David managed to hold me off and get it first, even though he was stuck on level 5 tech for a while. Astronomy did give me the Universe Achievement though, so I only needed one more. And another particularly successful use of Astronomy got me level 8 tech with enough points before David could slow me down again.

One Deck Dungeon

After lunch we switched to co-op mode. David T. played Mage and Alchemist, I was Warden and David M. was Slayer. For most encounters, one of the magic users teamed up with the Warden or Slayer, and we made it through the first floor of the Phoenix’s Den with little damage. Things got trickier in the second floor, but since gaining a potion heals in this version, we never had anyone with more than one damage counter. The only poison we got was from fighting Rock Wyrms. We each had 3 items and 3 skills, and just barely made it to level 4 before the final boss fight. The first round against the Phoneix did see some damage being dealt to the Alchemist and Slayer, but each of the 4 rounds we managed to strike back as well, finishing off the Phoenix with one final blow.


We player 3 quick rounds of Hanabi towards the end of the day. First round we got all the 1s right away, David T. starting with several. After two mistakes were made though, and red and yellow cut off at 3, we were limited on the progress we could make, and ended with a score of 18. Second game saw three early mistakes so we just started again. Third game was our best, though we didn’t get Yellow until very late, we got two colors to 5 quickly, followed by a third and then a fourth. Yellow stayed at 2 because I had the 3 and 5 but the deck had run out. Final score of 22 though is quite good.

Also played some Spaceteam with 3 players, involving much yelling and surprise to David’s roommate when he return home. Good times.


August 30th, 2016: Works and Wonders

Crew Members: Zevvy, Ruby, David M.


Ruby – 44, Zevvy – 23

Another Carl Chudyk game, this time as monks with a little gallery and gift shop. Cards are used as actions to sell goods and produce works, granting special abilities. Though very few goods were sold, Ruby’s works allowed him to score backorders on almost all the materials, so though I beat him in Clay he won in everything else, and had 10 works while I only had a few.

Zevvy – 29, David – 20, Ruby – 13

The next game, David got a ton of metal and used Shuriken to steal from Ruby, nearly ending the game with the Tortoise (win if you have a work of each type). Instead he just drew out the deck and I had actually managed to sell and have back orders for Stone and Cloth, plus a decent number of works as well.

7 Wonders

Game 1: David M. – 55, Ruby – 48, Zevvy – 43

Game 2: Ruby – 53, Zevvy – 48, David – 44

As Babylon I was tempted to go for Science, but with three players its too easy to bury the science cards or not be able to build them. David had built most of the blue cards and did pretty well in Military, plus his wonder gave him a lot of points. The next game I was Ephesos and had more money than I needed, with cheap trade rates. Though I built a lot of blue cards and did okay in Military, even against Ruby’s Rhodos, I didn’t get too many Guilds, and ended up converting an Age II┬ácard to coins.The scores were similar to last game.