February 29th, 2016: HP and H.P.

Crew Members: Nuri, Zevvy, Dima, David, Nima

Happy leap day! We were finally able to meet at Nuri’s again, which of course meant lots of Cthulhu goodness. Something about that phrase sounds wrong.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Zevvy – K.N.Y.F.E, Nima – Haka, Dima – Omnitron X, David – Mr.Fixer, Nuri – Nightmist

Villain – Gloomweaver: DEFEATED

Environment: Realm of Discord

Faye Diamond was a normal girl with normal girl parts and normal girl emotions. But when she came in contact with magical artifacts, part of her body turned to mist! Sensing her despair, the Nightmare Walker Gloomweaver attempts to materialize in our world by tempting any willing cultist to assemble his three relics: a purse (full of bones!), a diary (full of curses – how mature!), and the Darbuka of Despair, with which he plays annoying rhythms in public places until you pay him to be quiet.

Gloomweaver played his Grimoire of Curses pretty early on, forcing us to discard while we began taking out his Zombies. . Well, everyone except Nightmist who was just sad and cutting herself. Haka took a lot of hits initially, but his bulky frame allowed him to brush off the attacks as mere scratches But when a few Cultists showed up and Haka got cursed by a Voodoo Pin, Nightmist channeled her emotions into the form of an Oblivion spell, destroying pretty much everything.


In the nick of time we destroyed the book–Knyfe punched it, Haka smashed it, Omnitron blasted it, and Mr. Fixer chain whipped it, bloodying his knuckles. Nightmist made it feel so bad about itself that it hit itself and died.

Time was flying, allowing us to get well set up. By the time the third relic came out, we had moved to the Negative Energy Field, and everyone began suffering from emotional issues. But we managed to take out the final relic with just a few HP left each, sealing Gloomweaver in the Realm of Discord and preventing his access to our material plane. For now…

Cthulhu Munchkin

Nuri and I were professors, Nima was a Cultist, and Dima was an Investigator. David got the Tommy gun, but didn’t want to change his name to Tommy for the rest of forever to get the bonus. David and Dima kept helping each other, and Nuri a bit too, while I refused help on my first battle and had discarded most of my cards. Nima didn’t encounter many monsters either, so he and I stayed at a fairly low level. Everyone used their cards to prevent David from winning, but eventually he won by killing a baby


On the way home we passed the scene of a drive-by-shooting. It may have been internal gang violence, the details aren’t clear. There are real forces of gloom and despair, but there will always be good men with man parts and good women with women parts to combat the evil in this world. Would you kill a baby Cthulhu?


December 29th, 2015: A Flight of Fantasy

Crew Members: Zevvy, Roman, David, Dima, Liz

In a convergence of the timelines, Dima and Liz were able to make it to a meeting of the Haifa Board Games Crew.  Dima had formerly organized Thrusday afternoon game time (before leaving to start a new job and have baby…no excuse…), in which Liz and I had both previously participated, playing Carcassone, Iota, and Hanabi. Liz had also joined for impromptu Friday night games (Scrabble and Jungle Speed), but this is her first time at an official meeting. And what a fantastical meeting it was.


Dima, Zevvy, Liz, David, Roman

We began with Munchkin while waiting for Dima and Liz, who both showed up just in time to join. After a few rounds, it became clear that we were more the businessman type adventurers than the moster-slaying type, trying to get the best deals on trading treasure. Liz was particularly vindictive, raising the possibility that she was actually a monster and not an adventurer. Of note was when Roman caused 3,872 Orcs to wander into combat against Dima with the Insurance Salesman, only to have to face them himself due to Dima’s apt use of a Transferal Potion. At least Roman wasn’t stomped to death, though I’m sure the Insurance Salesman would not have given up his pitch. We stopped with everyone around level 5. Keep an eye out for Bigfoot, he will make you lose your hat…

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Zevvy – Fanatic: 7, David – Tempest: 11, Roman – Captain Cosmic: 13, Dima – Chrono-Ranger: 13

Villain – Baron Blade: DEFEATED

Environment: Mobile Defense Platform

A time traveler on a mission to stop the Moon crashing to Earth. It’s not Link from Majora’s Mask, but Chrono-Ranger, the time traveling cyborg cowboy! Along with an angel, an alien, and an energy wielding super-human, they did battle with the nefarious Baron Blade in his own hideout–the Mobile Defense Platform.

Baron Blade began with an Elemental Redistributor, but we handily destroyed it along with his first Defense Platform. The environment played a shield generator…protecting itself. Baron Blade activated his Backlash Field, but despite the reactive lightning bolts, Chrono-Ranger decided we needed to take Blade down “By Any Means” — adding +1 Damage dealt to the villain. With extra damage and support from Captain Cosmic, we swiftly stopped the lunatic from fully dislodging the moon from its orbit.

But Baron Blade was not finished–he escaped into his Mechanized Vengeance Suit! Not only that, he caused a Devious Disruption! Not wanting to lose our setup, we took a whopping 9 lightning damage, which destroyed all the Constructs as well. It was now a matter of time.


Chrono-Ranger decided enough was enough. Double checking to make sure Bigfoot was nowhere near, he put on his Hat, and grabbed his Compound Bow. Blade fought back, but in the end he went down like a brick underwater. Our heroes were battered, but victorious. Or so they thought…

The Terra-Lunar impulsion beam did not pull the moon into the Earth, but did disrupt the orbit enough to affect the tides. This near environmental catastrophe has attracted the attention of a powerful alien being, who has decided that he will save humanity the trouble of destroying the world, and help speed things up a bit…

Will our heroes be able to stop this new villain before the Deadline?


David – 43, Zevvy – 35

Village, Chancellor, Trade Route, Spy, Vault, Jester, Council Room, Goons, Adventurer, Bank

David stuck around for a bout of Dominion, which we had been trying to play for some time. The most dominant card by far was Goons, and 35 of David’s points came from his many plays of two or three Goons at a time. With Village and Council Room adding cards and buys, David tried to buy out three stacks to end the game before I could catch up. As evident by the scores, he succeeded. Goons is a fun card, but it has a tendency to overshadow other interesting cards and choices.

Despite the fantasy-heavy themed games we played today, a lot of practical discussion was had as well. I continue to Marvel at the (DC) power of board games to bring people together.