February 9th, 2016: A Time to Build, A Time to Destroy

Crew Members: Zevvy, Martin, Albert, Liz, David

Good to be back, and nice to see Albert again this week. I got lazy not writing up last week (though Martin and David did meet for some San Juan and 2-player Agricola), but we played a bunch of games tonight so I’ll make up for it.

7 Wonders: Duel

A two player variant where cards are picked from an array rather than drafted. There are also alternate victory conditions for excelling in Military or Science.

Zevvy – 64, Martin – 31

Martin picked up most of the Age I Production buildings, but I ended up with a fair amount of gold. In Age II i was able to buy some powerful Production cards and from there built up my wonders pretty quickly. Martin had a powerful Military, and nearly took the Military victory in Age III. Martin also had more Science, but the Science Tokens didn’t help him all that much. I build the Money Guild and by the end of the game had more points in nearly every category.


Martin – 57, David – 45

At the end of the night Martin and David played. David picked up some Resource Reserves and Martin wasn’t lacking in production, but as it turned out the two Age I brick production cards had been remove. Martin picked up the double Brick card in Age II, making it quite expensive for David, but David’s paper production cost Martin a fair amount as well. Towards the end though, David felt he had no real direction and did not end up with organized Guilds like Martin did. Martin also had more Science, though David picked up a token at the end of the game. David was unable to build his Mausoleum, as the game only allows building “7 Wonders” between the two players, and Martin built first. Though David had more points in Blue and Green, Martin had more Yellow, Red, Purple and Money.

King of Tokyo

Game 1: Liz – Victory as Alienoid (Elimination)

Game 2: David – Victory as Pandakai (Victory Points)

Yahtzee with giant super-powered monsters. Players roll dice which allow them to attack, collect energy to buy power-ups, heal, and get points. The first game went pretty quickly. Albert started in Tokyo and took quite a beating, resulting in early termination. With four players only one can be in Tokyo at a time, but after the dust cleared, Liz was the only survivor, quite proud of her dice-throwing rampage.


The second game introduced character specific ‘Evolution’ cards, and we all spent more time trying to power up then trying to kill each other. Albert was unlucky enough to be taken out pretty early on though, and though she picked up some poisonous power-ups, it wasn’t long before Liz was finished as well. David picked up ‘Complete Destruction’ and an ‘Extra Head’, and after a certain point kept trying to win by victory points. Martin and I had a sort of arms race (or heads race), buying power-ups until the deck ran out. With his Parasitic Tentacles Martin could slowly steal my powers, but after a few rounds David managed to pull off the ‘Complete Destruction’, letting loose his Panda Power and leaving the city in ruins.


San Juan

Zevvy – 44, David – 37, Martin – ??, Albert – 25

Puerto Rico meets Race for the Galaxy. I got a Library and Prefecture pretty early on, allowing me to collect cards without many production buildings. Martin built a couple Silver Smelters and David was producing everything else, while Albert had the Aqueduct but not enough buildings to produce on at first. In the end Martin built the Triumphal Arch and all three monuments, and David and I both had Guild Halls and City Halls, with plenty of points from both. Albert and I both got early Chapels, and it was the 7 points from my Chapel that put me in the lead over David.

Zevvy – Victory – ??, Martin – ??, David – ??

Martin and David both got Libraries, but I went with my Prefecture again, and a Carpenter. Martin had a Trading House, and David even built a second Indigo Plant, while I built up my Purple Buildings, including the Monuments. I didn’t get the Triumphal Arch, but I built pretty fast and ended the game with a City Hall before the others could catch up.


It was nice to play a bunch of quick games, so players have a chance to try different things. Martin also tries to brings games with different mechanics each week, and various people seem to adapt well to differing mechanics, so there’s always something for everyone.