April 9th, 2016: A Long, Civilized Afternoon

Crew Members: David, Liz, Zevvy, Martin

David and Liz have finally settled in their new apartment, so Martin and I came by for games in the afternoon…and the late afternoon…and the evening…


It had been a long time since Liz and I played Scrabble, and we were due for a rematch. The board remained pretty narrow for a while, and David had the most points for a word with 30, until I opened the board with the word Encore. Liz then presented David a chance to score a Triple Word, but he didn’t have anything good and left it open for me to score 66 points with the word Zero (the Z was doubled and tripled). We played until Martin showed up, but at that point I was pretty far ahead.

Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game

David – Greeks, Liz – Arabs, Martin – Romans, Zevvy – Russians

David: Military Victory

Martin has been wanting to play this for a while, and a long Shabbat afternoon is probably our only chance to do so. The game is based off of elements from the Civilization video game series. Each nation has cities producing buildings, soldiers, and trade points as we explore the map for new locations to settle and huts and villages to conquer. Trade points are used to research tech which improves various aspects of the player’s civilization, such as production or movement speed, or various other benefits.

As the Arabs, Liz focused a lot on culture, but it took her a while to get a second city established. Martin’s special abilities also gave him a decent amount of culture. I focused mostly on military, and discovered several city-states which tied up my forces while David attacked me. Fortunately I was able to hold off David’s attacks, and mount an assault on Martin’s city. I didn’t have quite enough forces to take Martin’s capital, and decided to focus on stealing tech. But at this point David had built up his army and was still not deterred from attacking me, especially after my battles with Martin left me weakened. Towards the end, Liz was very close to a cultural victory, though David and Martin had interfered a little bit with her. But in one large attack David defeated my whole army, and had no problem taking my capital after that, securing a Military Victory. The Russian space program failed due to over extension of their Military…

After learning the rules, Civilization only took us about 7 hours. We didn’t use the Great Person’s deck or Investment deck, which add some more options for players. We were using the rest of the expansion pieces and rules, which make battles more tactical and balance aspects of the original release of the game.