January 5th, 2017: New places, new faces (and old faces).

Crew Members: Zevvy, Shlomo, Allan, Yoni

I moved to Givat Shmuel and when I found out I had a rare night with no work, I mustered a few folks for some good old Thursday night gaming. Allan has been doing an internship and I met him at a Technion Shabbaton, and we’ve hung out a couple times since. Shlomo heeded the facebook call for board games and lives in the neighborhood. And Yoni lives near by and I’ve known him for almost 15 years. I feel old saying that…

7 Wonders

Allan – 51, Zevvy – 51, Shlomo – 45

Allan as Alexandria had every resource he needed except early brick, but Shlomo was a head in military the first two rounds. I tried for an early science lead but mostly just got Tablets. I also tried to get a trade advantage but Allan made sure not to build any Cloth production. In the last age, I got a lot of Science including the Guild, and Allan pulled ahead in Military. Final score was a tie, and we also tied for coins, the only tiebreaker. Never seen that happen before.


Sentinels of the Multiverse

Not sticking to usual format here. We played an introduction game against Baron Blade in the Mobile Defense Platform. It was pretty easy until a Devious Disruption took out most of Omnitron’s components, dealing massive damage as well. Visionary controlled the Villain trash and deck and helped Fanatic keep her Divine Focus on Baron Blade until she could Wrathful Retribution to finish off his first side, at which point we started a new game since Yoni had arrived.

Against La Capitan we did not fare as well. It took a while to get going, but once Argent Adept had his instruments her and Guise tag teamed for a lot of card plays. Sky-Scraper did not get many useful links, and Parse was doing more control than damage. Eventually La Capitan lost steam and we hit her pretty hard, but some ill-timed Villainous Weaponry and Meteor Shower a turn too late left Argent Adept incapacitated. La Capitan and her remaining crew were sure to make short work of the rest of heroes so we called it quits.


I would like to continue blogging in the same place, and hopefully will still play in Haifa from time to time  as well. Not sure I have much time now, but will establish a crew in Givat Shmuel as well. And people will wonder why we are the Haifa Board Games crew.



November 15th, 2016: Tea Time

Crew Members: Zevvy, David T., Palina, Nima

A small but pleasant evening for us sophisticated board game type folks.

Tea Time

Zevvy – 44, Palina – 38, David T. – 37, Nima – 32

This game borrows characters from Alice in Wonderland. Players receive an increasing number of points for each copy of a character they have, but 5 points if they don’t have any of that character. Additionally, “mirror” versions of the character cancel each other out. Players take turns picking one, two or three connected tiles over several rounds, then add up their score.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Zevvy – Redeemer Fanatic , Palina – The Scholar, David T. – Guise, Nima – Chrono Ranger

Villain – The Ennead

Environment – Mobile Defense Platform

We started against Isis, Geb, Atum and Tefnut, taking a few hits before we got set up. An early Divine Focus provided a lot of damage over all, but not to one target so it took a while before we destroyed Isis. The Scholar tanked a bit in Iron form before converting to energy to heal up and deal damage. Guise was being Guise, borrowing Absolution and pretending to be everyone else. Before destroying our final enemy though, Nuit and Nephtys came out, though Wrathful Retribution was able to destroy Osiris in a single blow. Chrono Ranger got the Masadah and was able to tear through the armor provided by Nuit. Fortunately we finished off the enemies before the Propulsion System was brought to zero and before Set appeared.

I say. Quite.

November 2nd, 2016: Wipe the Floor

Crew Members: Zevvy, David T., Gregg, Amyr, Ziv

5 players–guess what we played?

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Heroes: Young Legacy, The Naturalist, KNYFE, Haka,

Villain: The Matriarch

Environment: The Block

We destroyed two rounds of birds, one while Legacy Heroically Intercepted the psychic backlash, and another while The Formidalble Rhinoceros tanked the rest. Ra set everything ablaze and our heavy hitters proceeded to free the birds from the Matriarch’s spell before she could even cry long enough for her makeup to run.

Heroes: Prime Wardens Argent Adept, Price of Freedom Wraith, Santa Guise, Team Leader Tachyon, Engine of War Bunker

Villain: Iron Legacy

Environment: Freedom Tower

Iron Legacy began with two Armored Fortitudes and Superhuman Redirections, and a Demoralizing Presence. His damage was mitigated by stun bolts while we destroyed his ongoings one at a time. With some bardic inspiration, christmans presents, bullets and flying fists, Iron Legacy fell before doing anything too horrible to us…

Heroes: The Sentinels (variant), The Visionary, Unity, Expatriette

Villain: La Capitan

Environment: Time Cataclysm

La Paradoja Magnifica was promptly destroyed and sent to the bottom of the deck by Visionary, while La Capitan tried to plunder…nothing…while the Sentinels and Unity got set up, Expatriette fired off and *voluntarily* donated her guns to be turned into robots. There must have been a mutiny cause Chip was the only crew member to show up. However, his death set off a chain reaction, causing La Capitan to destroy Unity’s bots which blew up in a blaze of fire, allowing Expatriette to deal the finishing blast from her Ether Twisted, Incendiary Shotgun. Dealing pineapple damage. And of course, La Capitan was down to 25 or so before this because Sentinels. They should be everyone’s nemesis.

Rainy day means muddy shoes. I need to mop…

September 28th, 2016: With friends like these…

Crew Members: Zevvy, Itay, Roy, Ludmilla, David M., David T.

Roy and Ludmilla came all the way from Atlit to play, hopefull we will see them again soon. Itay came from the room across the hall and had a great time, hopefully we will see him soon too 🙂

7 Wonders

The first game Roy started with powerful military, Ludmilla had good trade, and I was going for science with Babylon. Itay had the Pyramids of Giza, and in the end he won by a few points, the wonders definitely helping out.

The second game all six of us played, and Roy got stuck with little money since both his neighbors had better deals from others. I had a lot of money and yellow cards, and David T. got some good sets thanks to his Mausoleum, but Itay still managed to win with full military victory as well as four cards from one science track and decent guilds.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

David T. – Extremist Skyscraper, Zevvy – Visionary Unleashed, David M. – Dark Watch Setback, Itay – Tachyon

Villain – Omnitron: DEFEATED

Environment – Insula Primalis

Though Omnitron started slow with a few repair drones and some useless Terraforming, Skyskraper’s Thorathian Monolith caused her to take a lot of hits from the Sedative Flechettes. Tachyon’s Hypersonic Assaults kept the enemy at bay while Setback and Visionary got more set up. Visionary took control of a T-Rex for a bit, tearing into Omnitron’s metallic defenses. But as more deadly drones came out, our heroes stamina was waning. Fortunately by this point, two electro pulse bombs had been diverted, and with Tachyon’s trash full of burst cards it was only a matter of time before she got her Lightspeed Barrages and finished off the evil robotics factory once and for all.


September 22nd, 2016: Brains or Brawn?

Crew Members: Zevvy, Yanir, David W., Juliana, Nima, David T.

Great game night, not too hot, and most of the snacks got eaten. Thanks for coming!

Forbidden Island

Zevvy – Explorer, Juliana – Pilot, David W. – Engineer, Yanir – Messenger

We played this while waiting for Pandemic to arrive, as it is the same designer and has similar game mechanics. We collectively started with four Ocean Chalices, so they were delivered to me to turn in while we kept the island from sinking too much. Shortly after Yanir got two Earth Stones, but both temples were on the western edge of the island and after schlepping out there the tiles were disappearing faster. Juliana turned in the Fire Crystals and though we had enough Wind Statue cards we had to save both Temples and Fool’s Landing from drowning in one fell swoop. After avoiding catastrophe however, it was simple enough to regroup at Fool’s Landing and fly away to victory.


Juliana and the Davids split to play Pandemic, which I hear they were victorious. Take that, evil cube shaped diseases. Science wins again (though you never know how many people died in this game before our heroes found the cure…)

7 Wonders

Nima – Ephesos B: 55, Yanir – Babylon – A: 50, Zevvy – Alexandria A: 46

We quickly taught Yanir to play and soon we were off. Nima went for early military, while Yanir got the other one, leaving me in the dust. I did have good resource production and science, and was able to build some things for free in the following rounds, though I had to play a vineyard for extra cash. Yanir stayed ahead of me with one Military since I was focused on completing two science sets. In the end, my science did not avail me, as Nima had both Military Guilds in addition to his other points. Yanir was close second, with a full science set and a lot of blue cards. I had 52 but lost six for military.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

David W. – Mr. Fixer, Zevvy – Nightmist, David T. – Omnitron X, Nima – Skyscraper

Villain: The Chairman & The Operative – DEFEATED

Environment: Time Cataclysm

The chairman is mysterious and difficult to track down, especially when hiding in the cracks between time itself. Our heroes took an early beating from his Hired Guns, but Skyscraper drew the fire while Nightmist locked down the Unerbosses, giving Mr. Fixer and Omnitron time to get set up. Omnitron’s Abaltive coating kept him well protected from the bulk of damage being thrown our way, and soon he had a few other components as well. We somewhat avoided the brunt of a Prison Break through Astral Premonition, and Fixer and Skyscraper were whacking away at the villains.

Suddenly everything came to a halt, as Fixed Point was played, rendering all cards indestructible. Immediately thereafter another Prison Break occurred, bringing out four underbosses and their respective thugs. Nightmist and Skyscraper were brought beyond the edge of death, but with time stopped around us they were somehow still alive. Mr. Fixer took this opportunity to double his styles, and a punishing blow was dealt by Nightmist’s Oblivion, though even with healing from her Starshield Necklace still left her and Skyscraper below zero HP.

Omnitron continued clearing the thugs, and in a ditch effort engaged a Time Shift on Nightmist, playing Mist-Fueled Recovery, boosting her HP up to 5 and saving her just as Skyscraper destroyed the Fixed Point, sacrificing herself to heal the rest of us a bit. By now most of The Organization had been dealt with, and the Informants were not much of a threat to Fixer’s Dual Crowbars. Another round of beating up The Operative and The Chairman, and Omnitron was ready to charge in and blow up his components, dealing the final ten damage to the nefarious Chairman, leaving his beaten body to remain locked within the ever-shifting strands of time.

Sometimes you need to think it through. Sometimes you need force it. But whatever you need, a little magic doesn’t hurt–and that magic is friendship. Aww.

August 9th, 2016: Violence is the Answer

Crew Members: David T., Zevvy, Ruby, Juliana, David M.

And they say video games are violent…

Cash and Guns

We played the first game without powers, and Ruby and David M. managed to kill each other. I had a decent number of paintings but David T.and Juliana split the diamonds, though I came out on top with the most cash in the end

The second round we had powers, and though all four guns pointed at me the first round, I stayed in and no one actually shot me. Juliana was the Kid and chose her targets last, while David T. was Cunning and changed his bullets. While this put the rest of us in danger, Ruby was able to take 5 hits and if two people shot David he would dodge both bullets. I was just annoying as the Dictator, usually preventing David T. from taking a painting or medicine or something he needed. In a critical treasure split, David M. and Juliana were the only survivors, and David got a pile of diamonds which I think won him the game.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Zevvy – Scholar of the Infinite, David M. – Dark Visionary, David T. – Team Leader Tachyon, Ruby – K.N.Y.F.E

Villain: Kaargra Warfang – DEFEATED

Environment: Temple of Zhu Long

The Bloodsworn Colosseum appeared at the Temple, and our heroes were forced to fight or die. The first few gladiators gave us some trouble, picking on the Visionary while we got set up. But the Turmoil Visionary caused prevented Kaargra from doing her worst while I got some Flesh to Iron. Knyfe impressed the crowd with her flashy displays of Energy and Tachyon began nerfing the enemies with Hypersonic Assault,while keeping our hands flush. The Ressurection Ritual taking place threatened to bring back all our slain foes, but the True Form of Zhu Long was not to be revealed. After earning a few titles in the ring, our heroes had the crowds favor,and despite the Fickle Fans, we kept the enemies at bay long enough to takeout Kaargra before her gladiators swayed the crowd to their side.

Whether as teammates or enemies, violence is the answer. At least at board game night.

July 26th, 2016: Burn!

Crew Members: David T., Zevvy, Nuri

We met at the old Ulpan dorms, where David had quite a spread of food for us. This was accompanied by games which had pictures of food on them…so Meta…

Sushi Go

Zevvy – 50, Nuri – 40, David – 39

The first round was full of Sashimi, and two players each got at least 3 for 10 points. There was no pudding, but I may have dealt one fewer card than I should have and scored my final card from the deck, which was pudding. Though after round 3, David had the most pudding anyway. No one got any huge dumpling piles, and there was a lot of Maki, so even with only 3 players the competition for points was tough.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Zevvy – Parse, Nuri – Ra, David – America’s Greatest Legacy

Villain: Akash’Bhuta – DEFEATED

Environment: Celestial Tribunal

Nuri wanted to be a damage dealer this round, but we didn’t realize just how explosive Ra would be when supported by Parse and old man Legacy. I got two Critical Multipliers earlier, and Recompiled to boost Ra’s damage, while Legacy encouraged Ra to heal and continue to strike. Akash played cards to destroy equipment, but we were relying on our Ongoing powers and were unaffected. The Tribunal put Legacy and Akash on trial, and the executioners both helped and harmed us. By the time Akash finally had a Primeval Eruption of Limbs, we were set up to take them out pretty swiftly. Team Leader Tachyon was sent to the tribunal as a representative of Earth, but also served to distract the Ensnaring Brambles while giving us extra cards. With our full compliment of Ongoings, it still took some time to whittle down Akash’Bhuta’s massive health pool while keeping Tachyon alive, but no one said fighting mother nature in space using fire was supposed to be easy.

We also discussed the idea of playing some RPG stuff from time to time, starting with D&D and moving on to Shadowrun. Hopefully we can align our schedules enough to meet at least every other week, but we’ll see what happens.