February 6th, 2019: Bringing Down the House

Crew Members: Yehuda, Daniel, Shlomo, Zevvy, Yonah

It was requested to play Sentinels this week, and I wanted to have a story come out of our game. Indeed it did, with two new players at that!

Sentinel of the Multiverse

For an introductory game we faced off against Ambuscade as Omnitron-X, Haka, The Naturalist and Tempest in Megalopolis. While Ambuscade started strong bringing out his Reactive defense card, Cloaking Device and Explosive Gun, Omnitron-X was able to absorb the Energy Damage with his Elemental Exochassis. The Naturalist started in Crocodile form to help take out the Devices before becoming a Gazelle. The Plummeting Monorail was no harm to the heroes thanks to Naturalist’s Environmental Allies, while Ambuscade was not so lucky and got his by the train…several times. Haka as the Nemesis wailed with his Taiaha, absorbing hits and dishing it back. As Tempest I could only deal area damage,  which was dangerous due to the presence of Sonic Mines, but since I went last in turn order it didn’t affect the other heroes too much. Ambuscade did set several traps, but only one of them was set off, and it wasn’t too long before the heroes were rid of this nuisance.

Our second game we went polar opposite for difficulty, facing the Chairman. Yonah joined just as we started, and we were Nightmist, Unity, Wraith, Redeemer Fanatic and Guise against Chairman/Operative. The first Underboss was the Deputy. Unity did not get any robots until later in the game, and we managed to take out the Crooked Cop to at least prevent build up, but we soon added The Fence and The Muscle. Nightmist used Oblivion/Elder Ring to clear the Thugs and with help from Venox in the Enclave of the Endlings, we could prevent villain buildup but were taking a lot of hits from the Operative as well. Wraith’s stun bolt mitigated some damage, but Chairman flipped before the first Prison Break. Nightmist used Oblivion again but this time it did less overall damage. Fortunately Unity began playing Robots after this point, and was soon a major source of Damage. Wraith’s Micro-Targeted throwing knives / stun bolt also provided damage and control. Slamara in the environment wasn’t as helpful as we hoped, playing mostly duplicates or unusable cards.


As last in turn order, Guise was often able to control Villain HP so the environment would work in our favor. A round of Mistbound on the enemy made Slamara more useful, giving us some time to breathe, and for Unity to build up more and Fanatic to get Aegis of Resurrection. Unfortunately the next round Nightmist was forced to damage herself to Incapacitated, but was at least able to let Unity and others play cards out of turn. We took out the Operative, and were lucky to draw Immutus as the next Prison break occurred, protecting the heroes from lethal damage. Bee Bot was able to neutralize the Hired Gun before he wreaked havoc on the heroes and Robots. Unity was then able to lightning AOE the enemies, and tear apart the Chairman, allowing Wraith to deal a finishing blow with Inventory Barrage for 12 damage. Wraith and Guise survived with 2 HP, Fanatic had to revive, with her at 7 HP and Unity at 5 HP.


With 5 players this was just the game, and despite facing one of the most difficult and frustrating villains, we managed to pull of a victory, despite my initial reservations about the composition of heroes. What a blast was had by all.


September 3rd, 2018: Birthday Baron Burger Bash

Crew Members: Yehuda B., Zevvy, Daniel B., Shoshana

How did I not have a birthday category tag yet on this site? Have to go back and check if we had any other birthday meetups. Anyway, in addition to making burgers we made mince meat out of Baron Blade. And gained another convert to the Way of the Sentinels.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

The very idea of the game appealed even to Daniel’s wife, and Yehuda and I were more than happy to play after dinner. We used only cards from the base set, Tempest, Legacy, Visionary and Fanatic in Mars Base. Baron Blade started with targets (minions, turrets), and with an early Takedown we got a good start. I even took out Living Force Field with Mental Divergence. That’s when Devious Disruption came out, dealing 7 damage to each of us. Elemental Redistributor made Tempest unable to strike, so he switched to healing. Legacy got his ring and the added healing from Motivational Charge helped out as well. Prophetic Vision let me put Meteor Shower on top just before Baron Blade played a series of three Hasten Dooms which would likely have incapacitated Legacy and brought the rest of us dangerously low. Tempest was down to 5 and Legacy less than 10, and we still had a ways to go on Blade’s flipped side. But Fanatic became our main damage dealing, playing a series of Smite the Transgressors boosted by Legacy for 11 damage each turn, and in a couple rounds we destroyed Blade once and for all.

Great way to celebrate Yehuda’s birthday, and looks like Daniel is buying Sentinels first chance he gets, probably with Rook City/Infernal Relics pack as well.

August 22nd, 2018: Judgment to their gods

Crew Members: Zevvy, Kevin, Eitan, Yehuda, Shlomo

I wasn’t sure how many we’d be so I set up Keyflower, but as people filtered in and it was getting late, we went for one of our old go-to games instead. And it was epic.


Kevin, Eitan and I played this quick game while waiting for the others to show up. Eitan got a nice chunk of Mines but not much else, while I had a decent forest and lake, but not a lot of crowns. Kevin had two good sections with a few crowns each and won in the high 30s to Eitan’s low 30s and my high 20s. Not a very high scoring game but we all had our castles in the center.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

The Ennead was out in force on Advanced. Geb, Shu, Set, Osiris and Nephthys followed shortly by Atum, Isis, Tefnut and finally Nuit. The Naturalist spent some time as the Rhino getting set up before switching to Crocodile when we were ready to attack. Fixer had Jack handle and Tiger Claw for some spread damage, but at pretty soon the Villains were healing too quickly. Set was injured but we made sure to take out Nuit first. With Grease Gun in play though, Setback had the chance to do 20 damage to Set, taking him out in a round where we were protected. Everyone playing cards each round was quite helpful, though it forced me to Turn Loose as Scholar, dealing a decent blow but discarding my tanking cards for the following round. Setback and Naturalist took heavy blows before Haka could get out Ground Pound. Naturalist’s Cornered Beast and Predator’s Eyes helped us take out Osiris and Nephthys, but even with some Offensive Transmutation on Geb, the lowest HP villains ended up finishing of Naturalist. Setback stayed alive thanks to Silver Lining, and soon got out Wrong Time, Wrong Place for some high-risk defense. While Fixer’s ability to redirect self-inflicted damage was keeping him alive, Set forced him to replace his tool and style, and soon he was also incapacitated. However, this let Haka get his Taiaha back after Ancient Magicks destroyed some of our setup.


Throughout the game, Dominion had been giving card draw to Prime Wardens Haka, who had tried Shielding Fixer, and now was ready to boost Setback. Vitality surges also kept him healthy and Ground-Pound gave us the time we needed for Setback to begin Looking Up. With a 13 damage punch followed by Scholar’s Grace Under Fire, Tefnut fell. Positive Energy Field healed us a bit before Negative Energy field began damaging Geb. Thanks to Nuit shuffling the Environment Trash, the Portal Fiend’s were never a threat, but the Spinning Vortex was still a hazard. With our health dwindling, Yehuda put on some final battle music as we raced to take out Geb before our luck ran out. Redirecting the Ethereal Bonds to Geb locked him down while we dealt the finishing blow, defeating the Ennead once and for all.

Afterwards, Shlomo and Eitan stuck around for a quick bout with Iron Legacy. Omnitron quickly got out his Ablative Plating, keeping him from taking too much damage at once. Together with K.N.Y.F.E. Rogue Agent and Tempest’s nemesis damage, we got Iron Legacy to flip after two rounds, but K.N.Y.F.E. had taken quite a beating. Timeshift and Infiltration were critical in circumventing the Leaking Room. But when the Kraken showed up it wasn’t long before K.N.Y.F.E. was dragged to the briny depths. Omnitron Bio-Engineered the first tentacle, but when another showed up there was no time to act. However, thanks to the extra use of my power and Omnitron absorbing the blows, we managed to get Iron Legacy down to 10 while we had 11, diverting the Kraken’s attention. Though the Mystical Defenses were activated, we kept beating on Iron Legacy for a couple more rounds until he finally went under.

Definitely the right choice to go with Sentinels in the end over five first-timers trying Keyflower at 830 at night…now that we’re ready for Advanced mode the stories and interactions tonight were pretty awesome!

August 8th, 2018: Just for Spite

Crew Members: Zevvy, Yehuda, Shlomo, Eitan, Kevin

Full house! But these aren’t the cards people played with when traveling the Oregon Trail…

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Our first game was against Voss, as Scholar, Fixer, Unity, Omnitron-X and K.N.Y.F.E. in the Enclave of the Endlings. Other than an early Quark Drive Translocator, Voss mostly drew minions one at a time. We held of on flipping him right away but with a bit of set up we were ready to strike. By the time Voss got a Forced deployment we had lowered his health down enough that Fixer could finisih him with a blow from a Tire Iron. Take that, super-powered alien warlord.


Next we went for Spite on Advanced. We saved three victims but a lab raid and saving a Samaritan played out all of his drugs quite early. Wraith had some Throat Jabs which were critical in staving off the onslaught. Naturalist’s Predator’s Eyes helped Wraith do just enough to get the Jab’s through until Parse could Reveal the Flaws, allowing us to strike at Spite with impunity. As Argent Adept I helped others play cards mostly to counter Upsilon drug returning cards, until Guise got a great setup of playing Kawaii and two other Ongoings, allowing him to get them back every round and protecting the other player’s Ongoings. We did run out of damage mitigation towards the end, and Wraith was down to 2 hp when we finally dealt the finishing blow.

While all games against Spite eventually end the same, there was a great deal of interaction and teamwork in our game that was refreshing for me, considering Sentinels is still the most played game on this blog.


July 28th, 2018: Yeehaw!

Crew Members: Zevvy, David T., Kevin, Lily, Nechama, Yehuda B., Eitan S., Jonathan D.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

We played one game of this at night against La Capitan and won. A big help came from Dark Visionary allowing us to avoid Raiding Party twice. Cosmic’s constructs were never destroted–even Battle Forged couldn’t kill them because of Cosmic Crest. The T-Rex’s did some damage but Visionary Wrested the Mind of one of them. Sky-Scraper’s links wreaked some havoc for the villain and the Scholar got a few hits in and helped everyone play cards. Eventually Ra put out Imbued Fire and two Obsidian fields came out, speeding up the game considerably as we tore away at La Capitan after flipping her back from being Split Across Time.

The next day, Eitan, Kevin and Yehuda played four games, three of them with David. They defeated Apostate, but lost to Chairman thanks too a poorly timed Prison Riot. They won against Citizen Dawn but lost to the Matriarch.

One Deck Dungeon

David and I started a game against the Scorpion as Paladin and Slayer, but after two floors we had to stop. He had most of the Magic while I had lots of Dexterity and we both had some Strength. We had to use a few potions along the way but still had some in reserve for the final floor and the boss.


Jonathan and I played a round, and made too many mistakes. Then David joined and we did quite well, scoring 22 (5-5-5-5-2). The red pile was the one we failed at, taking a long time to get a red one, and the other Red 2 being the last card in the deck.

Great Western Trail

Realizing there was a lot to explain, I didn’t go through every last icon, but just the neutral buildings. Sure enough, after a couple turns people seemed to know at least how to move around. Developing a plan is something else. Only one Engineer was available early on, so I focused on Cowboys. Nechama and Kevin raced up the train track, claiming Station Master tiles. Jonathan and Nechama got some builders and focused a bit on getting powerful buildings. Kevin didn’t employ much but set up some nice combos with his buildings and had a lot of tiles to complete objectives. I definitely got a head start on improving my cattle deck. In the end, Kevin and I were the only ones to make it to San Francisco. I had some deliveries to other high point cities, and finished with 105 but Kevin did quite well at 93. Way better than my test game against my self of 77-74. John and Nechama were close to each other but lower down, at 48-44.

Kevin really liked GWT and would even consider buying it. Considering I only bought it cause 365 had it cheaper than AliExpress, I’m glad it was a hit in the end.

June 2nd, 2018: Not Historically Accurate

Crew Members: Zevvy, Avi F., Nechama, Kevin, Orit, Leora, Adam, Shemtov, Nick, Jonathan

Full house, and full afternoon.


From what I understand, Leora Orit and Jonathan consistently won against Adam Shemtov and Nick, but their antics were a lot of fun for everyone.

Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game

I was hesitant to start this, but after randomly choosing the Greeks made my goal to end the game as fast as possible through economic victory. I wasted my first round taking Navigation, since Kevin and Nechama both took it as well. Kevin built great lighthouse and had more trade than he needed the rest of the game, never getting level III tech. Everyone but Nechama took Pacifism to start, but eventually she caught up in culture. Unfortunately, Kevin attacked her and stole her spy right before I revealed my plan to end the game. At that point everyone focused on making me lose coins, but I was prepared with several culture cards and spies of my own to cancel most of their attacks. I was slowed, but managed to end the game with Pottery and Printing Press. I also had a printed coin in my outskirts and two from great people. Avi had planned to attack Nechama’s capital, and I just learned of an advanced tie-breaker which plays out the end of the round, which probably wouldn’t have mattered this game but could be relevant and more fun in future games that come down to the wire.

7 Wonders

We had six players, Leora caught on faster than I’m used to having to explain things, which was refreshing. Unfortunately for me too, since she overtook in me in military despite me being Rhodos. Avi also did well for his first game, raking in a lot of coins as Ephesos and 51 points, but Nechama had 52, Leora 53, and Kevin 58 thanks to Science as Babylon.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

After Shabbat we did a quick game against  Kismet as Fanatic, Ra, Nightmist and Tachyon. Though Kismet destroyed our initial setup, Nightmist managed to survive though paid a lot of hit points to Banish the many Jinxes. Once taken care of though it wasn’t worth stealing the Talisman so we focused on attacking, and Tachyon’s Hypersonic Assaults kept us in good health. A few strikes from Absolution and the Staff of Ra and it wasn’t long before Nightmist dealt the finishing blow with a Heedless Lash. Amulet of the Elder Gods also redirected some chemical explosions, making Kismet’s choice of fighting us in the Industrial Complex not so lucky.

I’m always happy when a big box game hits the table. Avi said he can’t wait a full week to play again, but our schedules don’t always align. I imagine the game will only become even more interesting now that we are more familiar and exploring more Technologies that haven’t been used previously.

May 20th, 2018: To the Last Breath!

Crew Members: Miriam, Daria, Zevvy, Nissim, Kevin, Lily, Elisheva

After a late lunch folks played games.

Ca$h ‘n Gun$

Daria, Nissim and Miriam decided to try something new, and had a blast. Daria got the godfather token and wouldn’t let it go, claiming loot every round. Even so, I had a decent amount of loot, but she still won 269 to 215 to 150 to 55. Nissim unfortunately got shot a lot, and though he healed up and survived, didn’t have much loot. Even still, he said this was the most fun game he’s played in Givat Shmuel. Impressive. Miriam had most diamonds, and also had to heal from two wounds, but made it to the end. We did not play another round with powers though.


Kevin and I played Innovation while the rest had what sounded like a lot of fun at Codenames. First game we added Cities of Destiny, and Kevin got a bit of a runaway game, as well as the Legend Achievement. I forgot about Endorsing until pretty late in the game, and it did allow me to get Wonder via splay and some other interesting effects, but I couldn’t catch up with Kevin’s lead.

Next we played with Echoes, and again Kevin got the lead though I claimed the 1 jsut before he stole all my points. Homing Pigeons kept me pretty low in points, but I got Destiny by Foreshadowing a lot with Liquid Fire, though Kevin got Supremacy with Novel. Fortunately, I stole Printing Press, drawing a purple 7 and jumping to Genetics level 9. This got me Bio-Engineering which I used the next turn to score Kevin’s leaves, reducing him to 2 leaves against my 3, claiming victory while he just needed the 6 achievement.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Miriam joined as Naturalist with me as Fixer and Kevin as Parse against Citizen Dawn. She got out Blinding Blast and Tears early, neutering our hands. Combined with her many Ongoings, it seemed hopeless. Fixer has no Ongoing control, Naturalist didn’t have Crafty Assault, and Parse only had Data Mining. By the time Parse got Segmentation Fault, we were all nearly dead. The Atlantean Throne room kept us alive a bit, but Parse got hit just as we were getting going. Fixed point led to Fixer and Naturalist having two styles / forms out for a bit, until Devastating Aurora ruined our setup. Not long later I was hit, despire Naturalists tanking. Still, Naturalist managed to survive until another Fixed point, and combined Crocodile / Gazelle began striking Dawn as fast as she could. Dawn was at 27 when the Aurora’s showed up again at the end of her deck, once again resetting our build up. Before Naturalist could get out enough defenses to survive until the next Fixed Point, she just barely was killed, leaving the Victory to the Citizens of the Sun.

A lot of people (myself included) got to enjoy new games this weekend. So often do people refuse to learn new games, but so rarely have I seen someone regret learning once they’ve committed to do so.