January 9th, 2019: Power Yid

Crew Members: Yehuda, Zevvy, Shlomo, Kevin

Back in action! Finally got to see Yehuda’s new apartment next to my old one. And we got to play games too.


Shlomo and I played a round while Kevin showed up. Most of the Sets were all different qualities, and I got a fairly big lead before Shlomo began gaining ground.

Power Grid

With only four of us there wasn’t too much competition for resources, but more for space. Kevin was only using Oil for a while but also had the Western Coast to himself. I stayed behind a bit for cheap coal but then upgraded to wind power despite not needing it just yet. Yehuda was the first to go nuclear, and I was the first to go garbage, followed by Kevin for a bit. We forgot to remove four power plants at the game start, and stage 3 came not long after stage 2.


I tried to stay behind until the very last turn, but Kevin had enough of a money lead to get to 17 before I could upgrade my last plant. I could have kept my 2 coal / 3 house plant and powered 16 as well, but Kevin would have won the tie-breaker anyway. Shlomo had two eco-plants and Uranium, but he and Yehuda did not advance quickly enough before the end game.

Everyone was very happy to get together and catch up a bit. Hopefully we can keep up a regular schedule, and hopefully the weather will only improve (and the rain will fall only on the fields and the Kinneret).



January 5th, 2019: Primer

Crew Members: Zevvy, Odel

So we didn’t actually play many games fully through, but my wife was interested in seeing different games, wondering if any might be good for a group of six 9th graders on the autistic spectrum.

We played the first level of Magic Maze, which is fast, up to 8 players, and can be scaled to the player’s ability levels. It requires co-operation and non-verbal communication. However, unless all players clearly understand the goal and rules, they can be left feeling like they don’t know what is expected of them.

Kings of Israel seemed interesting because of the Biblical Theme, but for someone new to this style of co-op games, there is a lot going on. It’s also not a very balanced or easy game, compared to Forbidden Island for instance.

Sushi Go can accommodate many players and is both simple to learn and play. This one could be a hit.

SET is probably the perfect game, both visual and intuitive (Odel figured out what constitutes a SET without even having to explain it). This one is #1 recommended on a list on BGG for children with ASD.

Jaipur was a bit more confusing, also only for 2 players. Simple set collection game but if one is completely new to games, not entirely intuitive.

Kingdomino could also be good, the game play and scoring is simple but someone needs to enforce the placement rules.

May 17th, 2018: Too Quick

Crew Members: Zevvy, Shlomo

It’s been a while since anyone in the other group was available, and we were supposed to be three, but Orit couldn’t make it in the end. But I’ll never turn down games.


Having refreshed a bit with this game over Pesach against my sister, I was able to win the first game by a large lead. Many of the sets involved difference in all categories, which I find easier sometimes. The second game Shlomo got a good start, and the result was much closer, me winning by only 3 sets.


Having picked this up a while ago because I heard it was quick to learn, teach, and play, for all ages, we gave it a go. It’s tile laying in its simplest form, yet interesting enough even with two players. I won 36 to 30, but I’m sure next time we could both score much higher. There are additional scoring rules suggested but they all seem like unnecessary ‘win-more’ effects.

One Deck Dungeon

We continued our campaign as Paladin and Archer, this time against the Yeti. As usual, the early game was tough, but our skills from the last two rounds helped out. I excelled at traps while Shlomo had combat abilities, but we saw almost no 4+ exp encounters until the second floor. I had a good variety of Dexterity abilities, while Shlomo had a mix of Magic and Strength, so we handled almost everything pretty well. We did have to use up our potions after a couple rough encounters, but faced the boss at Level 4 with one potion and 3 skills and items each. The first round against the Yeti I had to discard a lot of dice, but the rest were good rolls and we covered all boxes. The second round we had to take some damage, but over-killed the Yeti by two points.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

We played as Sky-Scraper, Haka, Nightmist and Unity against Kaargra. She entered the arena right away, and the villains got an early favor lead. Then Nightmist used oblivion, resulting in a chain reaction of claiming Titles to do more damage to defeat more enemies to gain several favor in one blow. This left the heroes a bit battered, but Haka also had The Seeker, and we could usually kill any Gladiator that came out. Kaargra was catching up though, and Unbreakable, so with Provacator Tarnis protecting her it was still a race to defeat her before 20 favor. Once Sky-Scraper went huge and Unity got some bots, we took her down with over 30 favor just in time, the Villains falling a few short of victory.

Every time I think I’ve played all my games, I forget something…Castles of Burgundy arrived from China today, hopefully will play over the long weekend.

Pesach 2018: Game Summary

Mostly played games with my sister, though I tried to teach Mottainai to my brothers, they weren’t interested. One brother learned Impulse and we had two good games. The first one, he didn’t send any ships to the sector core until I already had a head start there, and I managed to get six points from trading two Size 3 blue cards in one go. The next game, he built up a huge fleet and attacked me 7 vs. 3 but I had two reinforcement cards and despite the size of the fleet he was defeated. Still, he liked the game.

I played several rounds of Star Realms, and often times the overwhelming “base” strategy dominated, though Blob focus seemed to win a lot as well.

My sister did really well at Splendor, forcing me to even rethink how quickly I go for level 2 and 3 cards versus building up mines.

Our few games of Machi Koro were enjoyable, and usually pretty close, but still coming down mostly to luck of the dice.

We did okay in some rounds of Hanabi, and got 19 in a game with our third cousin who is used to playing only Chess.

The most interesting games were our Innovation games. In one of them, my sister and I were racing for final achievement, and she had almost 50 cards tucked and splayed on her board, using Industrialization to get Monument. Our game with the cousin, his first time, was also close with achievements, but as the 10s pile thinned, my sister pulled ahead in points. To prevent her victory I coordinated with the cousin to set off Fission, and after a few rounds picking up the few remaining cards, he actually won, 17 to 16 to 15.

We also played Spit, Rummy 500, and Set, as well as Sushi Go: Party with the base cards and one round with Menu, Eel, Fruit, Tofu, Onigiri, Uramaki and Tea.