February 24th, 2016: Gardening – In Space!

Crew Members: Zevvy, Roman, Martin, Liz, Dima, David, Max

Even with short notice we had a good showing, and though our first game dragged on my roommate Max was finally able to join us for our second game.

Space Station

Roman  – 10, Zevvy – 10, Dima – 9, Liz – 9, David – 8, Martin – 6

Gameplay elements similar to Alhambra, players add modules to their space station and score points for having the most modules of each color. The game is played over 6 rounds, but points are doubled in the last round, which ended up being the deciding factor in the final score. David built a lot of Military modules in the first year, and everyone managed to get some points except myself and Martin. I screwed myself over the following year with a Global Economic Crisis, since everyone else could still afford at least one module, while I did nothing. I also played an Uneventful Year, slowing everyone down, especially Roman. Martin played a Launch Delay one round, also slowing me down. But until the last round, Martin and I were both doing pretty poorly with 4 points, while everyone else had 6-9 points. However, being in last has its merits, as everyone ganged up first on Dima and damaged many pieces of his ship, then on Liz and David. Though it was our first time playing and we missed some of the rules at times, in the end the double points just barely brought myself and Roman into the lead.


The most entertaining module is probably the ‘Garden’ – spend one crew and 1 MC to receive two crew members. This is the kind of Garden that makes it so that there are more people.

Betrayal at the House on the Hill

With six players we decided to play this game again, since it’s pretty easy, and different every time.Before the Haunt, everyone had very successful rolls, and many of us increased our stats somewhat. The Haunt revealed me, the Father, as the traitor, plotting to turn my friends into fertilizer for my creeping vines. Most of the other explorers were in range of being grabbed by vines, but they succeeded in creating the plant spray on the first attempt. By the next round, most of my Creepers were destroyed, though one of the managed to eat Ox Bellows, who ventured too close. Meanwhile my character was also killed, but the explorers had to find and kill one more Creeper to win. A bit more exploration revealed a sixth creeper which was promptly sprayed, granting victory and safety to the surviving explorers.

This is the kind of Garden that makes it so there are less people.

So far I don’t think we’ve ever had seven simultaneous players, which would force us to split up into two groups for most games. Even with six players, games where every takes their turn separately can drag on, especially when we are all learning a game for the first time. Though the chaotic fun of games with many players is a plus, there may be a balance which changes depending on the game and the general mood of what type of game everyone wants to play. Fortunately there is no shortage of games nor good people to play with, and after four months we’re still going strong.