May 24th, 2016: Space…

Crew Members: David M., Liz, Zevvy, Nima, David W.

Liz brought back two games by Carl Chudyk, one which I had heard of (Innovation) and one which looked like a combination of every space game we’ve played until now. We went for the second one (since it claimed it could support up to 6 players).


First we decided to chop some heads off, using the end of the table as our Guillotine. Personally I did not chop any heads, but merely stole credit for doing so (I guess by stealing the heads?) Liz ended the day by beheading Robespierre, then our resident Frenchman David W. arrived with a cake…so we let them eat cake?


So reading the instructions took a while…this game combines trade / producing / consuming elements with a small board setup, combat, and other interesting things like Plans (personal action set) and the Impulse (communal action set). Since it was our first time, each turn took a while…I mined some minerals, which improve card effects and can be refined later. David M. sabotaged my ship early on, but my mineral bonuses let me build more. Nima attacked David M. just for kicks…after playing for an hour having take only three turns each we decided to stop…

Star Fluxx

Thinking a quick game might be nice, we played Star Fluxx. The gimmick in this version is Creepers that attach themselves to Keepers. After everyone drew a lot of cards I played the Play All and Hand Limit 1, and for a while everyone was stuck at playing either the card they drew. Eventually there were enough Keepers on the board that someone was bound to win, but it still took a while. David W. finally traded hands with Liz, giving her the last card she needed.

It was nice to finally be able to play in Liz and David’s new place, even if a good deal of our play time was spent reading a rule book…one of the occupational hazards of board game enthusiasts. One of the problems with Impulse seemed to be lack of card draw and down time while waiting for your turn, though maybe when turns go faster more turns will be spent simply drawing cards, and more battles will ensue involving more player-player interaction.