June 9th, 2018: Party Games

Crew Members: Nechama, Sasha, Zevvy, Simcha, Orit, Adam

No heavy games this weekend, since I was walking across town. But I finally got to play Codenames…I feel like I’m always missing out to play some Euro.

Sushi Go: Party!

Started with four players and the original Sushi Go set. Orit went for dumplings every round, while I managed some Wasabi Squid combos and competed with Nechama for Maki. I also got Sashimi a couple times and won with a lead, though Adam had the most desert. Once we switched to three players though it became more cutthroat and we used Eel a lot, leaving some players with minus points each round. No one really like the Temaki round when one hand was entirely Temaki (my bad shuffling). I got a lot of points with Soy Sauce, but the last few rounds with fruit Nechama managed to win each time by a few points. Spoon was confusing also and we didn’t really enjoy it.


First we played me and Adam against the others, and I kept using my extra guess to help the other team. Next Simcha and I played as a team and got some good clues no one else understood. It was close and the other team had some luck as well as some obvious mistakes but Simcha managed to win no matter what team he was on.

I also had a close game of Star Realms with Simcha before Shabbat, he had a lot of bases but I had a lot of Blob and the round I got my Blob base I dealt a huge blow, finishing off the next round before he could rebuild.


Pesach 2018: Game Summary

Mostly played games with my sister, though I tried to teach Mottainai to my brothers, they weren’t interested. One brother learned Impulse and we had two good games. The first one, he didn’t send any ships to the sector core until I already had a head start there, and I managed to get six points from trading two Size 3 blue cards in one go. The next game, he built up a huge fleet and attacked me 7 vs. 3 but I had two reinforcement cards and despite the size of the fleet he was defeated. Still, he liked the game.

I played several rounds of Star Realms, and often times the overwhelming “base” strategy dominated, though Blob focus seemed to win a lot as well.

My sister did really well at Splendor, forcing me to even rethink how quickly I go for level 2 and 3 cards versus building up mines.

Our few games of Machi Koro were enjoyable, and usually pretty close, but still coming down mostly to luck of the dice.

We did okay in some rounds of Hanabi, and got 19 in a game with our third cousin who is used to playing only Chess.

The most interesting games were our Innovation games. In one of them, my sister and I were racing for final achievement, and she had almost 50 cards tucked and splayed on her board, using Industrialization to get Monument. Our game with the cousin, his first time, was also close with achievements, but as the 10s pile thinned, my sister pulled ahead in points. To prevent her victory I coordinated with the cousin to set off Fission, and after a few rounds picking up the few remaining cards, he actually won, 17 to 16 to 15.

We also played Spit, Rummy 500, and Set, as well as Sushi Go: Party with the base cards and one round with Menu, Eel, Fruit, Tofu, Onigiri, Uramaki and Tea.

March 16-17th: Can’t Spell Wine Without Win

Crew Members: Jonathan, Kevin, Zevvy, Nechama, Orit, Sarah, Yehuda, Lea

Games are fun. Some are even more fun when you’re drunk.

Stone Age

A new game easily attracts the crowd. We only had room for 4 though, but Orit acted as my consultant. Since it worked out well for me with 2 players, I went for field then extra worker. But with more competition 4 players, I ended up having to hunt quite a bit, and lost 10 points once. I did build some decent buildings and while I only had two tech, I had a variety of builders, shamans, farmers and tool makers. Jonathan had a lot of buildings but very few civilization cards until the end of the game. Kevin had a lot of wood and a lot of civilization cards but didn’t get any of the expensive buildings. Nechama was only a few points behind me in the end but couldn’t feed her workers either.

Sushi Go: Party

Menu was Temaki, Special Order, Soy Sauce, Green Tea Ice Cream, Tempura, Dumplings.
While I was ahead in points the first round, everyone else nabbed all the Dessert, which I had put too many cards in the deck anyway. In the final round the Dessert made the difference, with Yehuda pulling ahead in the final count. We didn’t even make it through round two because everyone was tired. Yep, just tired.


Shabbat afternoon Lea was brave enough to play Innovation with me and Kevin. Sure enough, the beginning of the game was confusing but by the end she figured it out. Kevin and I were mostly competing for achievements though so Lea thought she had no chance, but with both me and Kevin stuck at 5 after some tense moments, scores started to change quite rapidly. Lea almost had 20 lightbulbs but Kevin had Empiricism. The game ended when I activated Software, scoring 40 points and claiming Universe and the Level 9 Achievement just before Kevin could. Kevin may have gotten the Monument though and we missed it.


Lea and I played Hanabi. She picked up right away on the balance of giving hints vs. discarding, and we made no ‘mistaken plays’. I had 3 fives though and was only able to get one out by the end, since we waited a long time for the first Blue 1. A final score of 19 for a first game is pretty good.

You don’t need alcohol to win at board games. But it can help…

March 6th, 2017: No Time for Sushi

Crew Members: Josh, Zevvy, Gila, Jacob

If Americans (or Israelis) have adopted slavish Japanese work practices, at least they have also adopted Japanese eating practices (minus the squid for us Jews at least). Let the wasabi flow.

Time’s Up: Title Recall

Josh and Zevvy – 52, Gila and Jacob – 46

While waiting for the Sushi, we split into teams for Time’s Up, a game where players try to get their teammate to guess or recall certain words (in this case, movie, book, song or painting titles). The first round one must simply describe the title, and Gila and Jacob took an early lead 15 to 9. In the second round where only one word is permitted, Josh and I made a comeback, evening the score and winning time for round three. The charades round did not start well for Gila and Jacob, but in the end it was a near split, 13 to 11. But again, Josh and I got the starting lead in the fourth round  (frozen poses), where we took a quick and guaranteed lead, ending that round 15 to 9.

Sushi Go: Party!

Josh – 53, Gila – 43, Zevvy – 42, Jacob – 41


After eating some real sushi, we played Sushi Go: Party! which includes many extra cards, thus changing the gameplay each time. Our games departure from the original consisted of Edamame, worth a point for each other player with Edamame, Soy Sauce, 4 points for the most colors, and Special Order, which copies a card already played. We also had dumplings, maki, wasabi, and pudding. Gila took an early pudding lead, but Josh scored Wasabi Squid Nigiri in the first two rounds, and with a dash of Soy Sauce he vaulted far ahead. Jacob and Gila competed for second while I lagged behind, but the second round I got a lot of points for Edamame and dumplings. The final round saw Josh lose out on pudding as well as be denied soy sauce, and Gila pulled forward despite heated competition over maki rolls. In the end though Josh was too far ahead, but Gila still managed to pull second place over me and Jacob.

Whose culture should we appropriate next time?