November 15th, 2016: Tea Time

Crew Members: Zevvy, David T., Palina, Nima

A small but pleasant evening for us sophisticated board game type folks.

Tea Time

Zevvy – 44, Palina – 38, David T. – 37, Nima – 32

This game borrows characters from Alice in Wonderland. Players receive an increasing number of points for each copy of a character they have, but 5 points if they don’t have any of that character. Additionally, “mirror” versions of the character cancel each other out. Players take turns picking one, two or three connected tiles over several rounds, then add up their score.

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Zevvy – Redeemer Fanatic , Palina – The Scholar, David T. – Guise, Nima – Chrono Ranger

Villain – The Ennead

Environment – Mobile Defense Platform

We started against Isis, Geb, Atum and Tefnut, taking a few hits before we got set up. An early Divine Focus provided a lot of damage over all, but not to one target so it took a while before we destroyed Isis. The Scholar tanked a bit in Iron form before converting to energy to heal up and deal damage. Guise was being Guise, borrowing Absolution and pretending to be everyone else. Before destroying our final enemy though, Nuit and Nephtys came out, though Wrathful Retribution was able to destroy Osiris in a single blow. Chrono Ranger got the Masadah and was able to tear through the armor provided by Nuit. Fortunately we finished off the enemies before the Propulsion System was brought to zero and before Set appeared.

I say. Quite.


November 2nd, 2016: Wipe the Floor

Crew Members: Zevvy, David T., Gregg, Amyr, Ziv

5 players–guess what we played?

Sentinels of the Multiverse

Heroes: Young Legacy, The Naturalist, KNYFE, Haka,

Villain: The Matriarch

Environment: The Block

We destroyed two rounds of birds, one while Legacy Heroically Intercepted the psychic backlash, and another while The Formidalble Rhinoceros tanked the rest. Ra set everything ablaze and our heavy hitters proceeded to free the birds from the Matriarch’s spell before she could even cry long enough for her makeup to run.

Heroes: Prime Wardens Argent Adept, Price of Freedom Wraith, Santa Guise, Team Leader Tachyon, Engine of War Bunker

Villain: Iron Legacy

Environment: Freedom Tower

Iron Legacy began with two Armored Fortitudes and Superhuman Redirections, and a Demoralizing Presence. His damage was mitigated by stun bolts while we destroyed his ongoings one at a time. With some bardic inspiration, christmans presents, bullets and flying fists, Iron Legacy fell before doing anything too horrible to us…

Heroes: The Sentinels (variant), The Visionary, Unity, Expatriette

Villain: La Capitan

Environment: Time Cataclysm

La Paradoja Magnifica was promptly destroyed and sent to the bottom of the deck by Visionary, while La Capitan tried to plunder…nothing…while the Sentinels and Unity got set up, Expatriette fired off and *voluntarily* donated her guns to be turned into robots. There must have been a mutiny cause Chip was the only crew member to show up. However, his death set off a chain reaction, causing La Capitan to destroy Unity’s bots which blew up in a blaze of fire, allowing Expatriette to deal the finishing blast from her Ether Twisted, Incendiary Shotgun. Dealing pineapple damage. And of course, La Capitan was down to 25 or so before this because Sentinels. They should be everyone’s nemesis.

Rainy day means muddy shoes. I need to mop…